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I Fought the Law, and I'm Still Here!
My apologies for being in some kind of Twilight Zone TM for the past six months.  I started law school just after I made my last post, and I haven't really done much but law since.  It's been a whirlwind journey filled with blood, sweat, and tears (the bloo...

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In Defense of Horrid Penmanship
            “I’ve got a paper here I can’t
read.   Looks like it was written by a
guy…maybe Aaron or Adam…”             “That’s mine,” I would respond to
whichever teacher fell prey to my spell that day, snatching the sheet of lines
and squiggles from her j...

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A Human is a Human, is a Human: Why this Essay Makes Sense
My brother, Daniel, and I in Rome.              Humans are quite distinct from
animals.   The former write poetry and memorize
things like the Pythagorean Theorem and the U.S. presidents.   The latter eat poop.   Whether we deserve to be inside or outside o...

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I wrote the following for a course entitled "Fabulous Fictions." Long ears, pointy nose, wistful eyes,
like those of a man over the hill, parting ways with a long-lost high school
sweetheart.   That was young Cynthia Swift
for you.               Cyn had an ...

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Why Do I Write?
I listened to an NPR segment the other day that asked this exact question.  Writing takes a great deal of effort and promises very little payoff at times, even if you devote your entire life to it.  So why do I do it, even in small spurts?  There are a numb...

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Pip and the Beanstalk
There was once a young woman named
Misandra whose mother pressured her incessantly to marry.   Disinclined to inherit any domestic work, she
held off for a couple years.   She got her
PhD in psychology and became a university professor, advising her student...

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Beside Myself
Below is a reflective essay I wrote over Winter Break, 2011-2012, during my Freshman year of college.  I was going through a sort of quarter-life crisis at that time and was deeply unsure of what to do next.  Nonetheless, I powered through with the philosop...

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Take Me to the Ranch, I Want to Forget About Flying A While
What follows is my most recent essay for my Creative Writing Class--English 307: Reading and Writing Travel:             I
don’t actually believe I can touch the sky.   I’m too levelheaded for that.   As
much as I’d like to think that maybe skydiving or par...

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The Road Not Forsaken
There are many ways in which my life feels like a bridge collapsing behind me...only in the best way possible, of course.  It's just that, as soon as a new goal materializes in the horizon, my present circumstances seem to become hogwash, intended solely fo...

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A Parallel in the Universe
In the wake of a special and utterly timeless man's passing a few weeks ago, I know it is my turn to speak, not only for my own processing, but in the service of apprising a society that so often shrugs off discussions of mental health.  Robin Williams was ...
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