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Specia Circle #1
it's still active, becous I don't want to erase it. Soo you can add this circle every time without limits
this is my special circle that included active google's user. All af users in this circles are friendly and active in google plus
If you want to be included to my next special circles, you must add me to you circle, and give this post +1 and leave your comment here, so I know you have add me to your circle

I apologize if one time, it being erased because I update this circle, Ipromise to give I link of updated circles
Regard to all my friend that included to this circle
+Lyn Wang 
+Ryan Ramboza 
+Abby Wigington 
+Abet Chein 
+Adam Bahr 
+Adhi Sumono 
+Adit Satriya 
+Adityantari Satriani
+Afiq Sepet  
+Afra Nabilla 
+Agung Lanang 
+Agus Mulyono 
+Agus Prayitno 
+Agus Susanto 
+Ahmad Kholid 
+Ahmed Abd Allah 
+Aira Juni 
+Alberto Cacciari 
+Alessandra Razete 
+Alessia Fracchia 
+Alex Clemmer 
+Alex Dong 
+Alfian maulana 
+Alvinda Novayanti
+Amanda Bernardi
+Amy Brenot 
+Amy Padula 
+Ana Carola Ausbury Villamil 
+Andania Lewerisa
+Anderson de Lima
+Andi Novia Sriayudia 
+Andina Pratiwi 
+Andini Kusumadewi 
+Andrea Fiedler-Guttropf 
+Andrew Thomason 
+Angelo Micciulla 
+Anggi Dewi Poetri 
+Anggiana Putra 
+Anggun Ayunda 
+Anindita Dwi Puspita 
+Anisa Cantika 
+Anita Avianty 
+Anne Chikita 
+Anne O'Sullivan 
+Anne Onyodi 
+Anne Rizkia 
+Annie Soehardjo 
+Annisa Amalia 
+April Agustin 
+Apriyati Erni 
+Ardith Goodwin 
+Arianna Cavazza 
+Arie Reynaldi Z 
+Arief Muqsitha 
+Arief Prasetyo 
+Arif Ishak 
+Arif Setiawan 
+Arifudin Moh 
+Aris Suhendi
+Arlene Tan
+Armono Wibowo 
+Arniati Rasyid 
+Arry Bob
+Asiek s 
+Aswira Hamim 
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please share ang give 1+ on this circle, thanks for sharing
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please share and gi 1+ an this circle,
thank you for sharing
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actif user in google plus
please give +1 or leave comment
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