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My friends live in my computer.
My friends live in my computer.


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NEW: Getting Started on Social Media: How do you choose where to start?

Sometimes the hardest part of getting started is just getting started! Here are a few tips to alleviate any fears you might have over getting started in social media and choosing where to begin!

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NEW: How to Get Facebook to Show the Right Image for Your Blog Post

Facebook recently announced changes to the platform that mean you need to be paying better attention to the back end of your website if you want people to share your content. From here on out if you don't specify the Facebook Open Graph metadata on each…

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NEW: Why You Need to be Concerned About the Latest Facebook API Changes to Link Posts

Facebook has implemented a major change to its API that many small businesses are just discovering this week. If you came here because you can't change the photo on a link post you're trying to share on Facebook, it's not a's permanent.…

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New: How to Set Up your Website for Social Media Success

In most marketing models, your website is the heart of your business and social media are the arteries bringing lifeblood to it. Social media spreads the word about your website and encourages people to come and read what you've written, or check out your…

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NEW: How to Create, Use and Manage Twitter Lists in Hootsuite

If Hootsuite is your main social media management dashboard, you're going to want to know how to manage Twitter lists in Hootsuite. It's not difficult, but all of the Twitter list functions are a bit hidden. I've written a tutorial for creating Twitter…

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NEW: Best Places to get FREE Stock Photography You've Never Heard of.

Finding great images for your social media is tough when you don't have a big budget for photo shoots or buying stock photography. Luckily there are many generous people out there who are giving small business owners FREE and inexpensive access to…

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NEW: Best WordPress Plugins to Rock Your Social Media

One of the reasons I love WordPress is the flexibility it offers, through plugins, to customize your website to do anything you want. Over 25 per cent of all websites out there are built on WordPress. If you've been thinking about upgrading your site,…

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NEW: Stop Taking Social Media Advice from Your Children

Are you sure your children are your best source of social media information? Before you take social media advice from your children, read this.

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NEW: There are many ways to talk to your customers on Facebook, are you using them all?

Did you know there is more than one way to talk to customers on Facebook? Business Pages are the most common and usually the first thing we recommend you set up for your business, but there are several other ways you can communicate with potential and…

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NEW: Should I Start a Facebook Messenger Room, or a Group?

Several people have asked me what the difference is between a Facebook Messenger Room and a Facebook Group, if both are for sharing thoughts and questions with like-minded people. While both features of Facebook can be used for similar purposes, the main…
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