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Has anyone used / tried to use Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method to evaluate training, performance & impact?
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We have Kirkpatrick level 3 built into most of our performance and training interventions. For evals that aren't amenable to the loose coupled follow-up, we tend to validate in observation and interview. 

Our implementation and reporting aren't as clean as the SCM described in Tom's post but we do use many of the practices of interview in our performance analysis and evaluation efforts.

Unfortunately, our reports rarely carry the cases forward faithfully. The story scaffolding for the data we're provided during interviews and group sessions is overshadowed by integer representation data. Consequently, I'm not sure we're leveraging the power of the story as well as we could to convey meaning and link the data to the why.

I think SCM is the way to go to link data to meaning but we're playing an expectations game and this cycle is tough to break. I think the SCM can also be useful in front end analysis for performance diagnostics and, again, I think we do this to some degree but it's not as intentional as it could be.

I'll look through some of our eval reports next week to see if there's anything I can share that reflects the outcome of our process as it relates to Brinkerhoff's method.
Thanks again +Steve Flowers . I'd not come across it until the other day and one of my T&D stakeholders is interested in whether we can use it in the B2B division here.

What strikes me is the shift in focus from Kirkpatrick metrics being about training to thinking about and communicating to all of the key stakeholders that can impact upon the performance (impact) goal targeted by a piece of training. It reminds me of what +Charles Jennings says when the (inevitable or ubiquitous) ROI question is raised - to paraphrase - don't make up your own T&D metrics but use what the business is using to measure performance.

It's be great to see some of your evaluation. As I start to go down this route here I'll share some of ours too.
Heh, just noticed that was already referenced at the bottom of your original link post:P I should have looked first.
+Casson McRae  I am an enormous fan of Brinkerhoff, we utilise versions of a lot of his ideas through our organisational learning.  We actually tend towards the Phillips model rather than Kirkpartick, but I also use the success case method for larger programs of work just to give some added perspective and to link strongly back to the business drivers.
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