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Casson McRae
Interested in working smarter, not harder. Always learning about life, it's systems, it's beauty and it's flaws.
Interested in working smarter, not harder. Always learning about life, it's systems, it's beauty and it's flaws.

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Saturday night is Dr. Who night!

"I trust the doctor
Do you think he knows what he's doing
I wouldn't go that far"

Series 7 part:2. 7 Nightmare in Silver

If we have trust in our networks who knows what we can solve?

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Are you a cow clicker?

"Distraction is the very opposite of emancipation: failing to see what is worthwhile in life, and lacking the wherewithal to seek it." To recover from techno-distraction, "what's required is not Luddite extremism but a more ambitious relationship to our tools – one that promotes our liberty instead of weakening it."

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What will they think of next?

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OK, so maybe the headline is a bit strong but for those of us in organisational learning we're looking at Tin Can with some interest.

The Tin Can API or, The Experience API is providing ways for us to record our online experiences ostensibly so that organisations can track what their employees are consuming on their 21st Century learning journeys.

The experiences that can be recorded are semantic and open ended - it's down to how the API is used and the 'Statements' that are generated. For example I could (self record - yes, problematic) that 'Casson has read this post'.

I'm currently looking at how I can implement this in our organisation. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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If you can't beat them...

Great piece of art and activism...

Shall we all play the loophole and if so where would you put your tax savings so that it really made a difference for people?

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The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage ~ Arie du Geus

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Hi Marc, thanks for the invite. It's one of those serendipitous events for me. Just having a house sale fall through has made me think again about how else can I go about providing the shelter we need. I liked your share about the nuhaus systems.

For years I've been fascinated by Earthships from the materials and techniques used to create them right down to their aesthetics.

They don't seem to have taken off that much though (forgive the pun).

In the UK though land is expensive and planning permission elusive. It's be interesting to know how this is in other countries too.

Social transaction tax

How do we manage this bargain? We use the tools, like the features and need the connectivity and the connections that we make from it. Be careful what you wish for, a modern day mantra maybe but how about if we asked for something back?

There's a lot of money being made - from us and what do and say. There's also a lot of control and potential for much more but if we leave that aside and think about the bargain we make in terms that capital can understand why not reclaim the network.

How about a small tax, along the lines of the financial transaction tax where a small payment is made each time we provide value to our providers from the 'data' we produce, for instance when we post. We then use this for social good off the back of our own social good. Maybe it should be called a 'Commons transaction tax'.

If the providers refuse then so what, this social need has been unleashed, we becoming aware of it and how we want to use it in our lives so we just move to a provider who doesn't refuse and continue the conversation over there.

P.s. if I don't post any more after this it's because I've been disconnected!

Thanks +Leon Benjamin
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