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Simple little web app I built because I was sick of all the spammy YouTube downloaders out there!
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I really like #jetbrains IntelliJ IDEa for php development. I would like to start using the Laravel Artisan framework, but I'm having no luck finding any instructions for setting this up in IntelliJ. Has anyone done this? According to their change log it is supported. Thanks!

Hey guys, I love running. 

I love feeling my heart rate rise as I power up a hill. I love feeling my lungs burn as they work to fill my increased need for oxygen. I love feeling the strain in my muscles and the ache in my feet. I love seeing my average pace go down as my body gets stronger and more efficient. I love the little head nods and waves I exchange with other runners when we pass each other -- an acknowledgment that we're both awesome. I love it all.

And that's why I run. Just thought you should know.

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First run with my new Garmin -- I love it! I'm still run-walking (as per doctor's orders) since I'm coming back from a stress fracture. It feels so good to get out and move again!

Looking for a GPS watch.  I really wanted a Garmin, but it seems that their Android support is awful, which is a deal breaker.  Any recommendations?  Thanks!
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