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Cooper&Hunter International
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Cooper an Hunter has begun its expansion of B2C sales for USA
Cooper&Hunter International Corporation has big plans for the elaboration of its business in the USA in B2C sphere.
Following the best traditions of leading companies in the field of manufacturing of HVAC equipment (climate control equipment) in the United States, in 2003 Cooper&Hunter International Corporation started delivering a wide range of HVAC equipment under its own trademark.
For a long time C&H worked for Europe region and for B2B clients all over the world including malls, business centers, restaurants, shopping networks, manufactures, plants etc.
COOPER&HUNTER equipment has become very popular in both Europe and the USA. The number of products produced under the brand C&H (COOPER & HUNTER) is measuring in millions of items now and the C&H itself has become a mark of quality and reliability of HVAC equipment.

Cooper and Hunter in USA
So, it was an organic step forward to expand the retail internet-sales for the USA region.
“We are full of energy and enthusiasm about the future of the company in this direction. Our mission is to bring comfort through innovations to the ordinary life all over the world,” Head of Cooper&Hunter – Marat Terchiev said.

The company plans to expand operations and has already presented its HVAC equipment on its own website http://cooperandhunter.us/ and on different internet platforms from eBay, Amazon, Rakuten to the online-shop http://comfortside.com/.

This decision will make it possible to buy air conditioners of the highest quality for everyone living in the USA.

In the nearest future we are planning on increasing the number of product range for the retail sector.

All Information is available at cooperandhunter.us and at comfortside.com (exclusive representative in USA). Cooper&Hunter is also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
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