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sreeja raveendran
Marketer. Aspiring writer. Curious crafter.
Marketer. Aspiring writer. Curious crafter.

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Shortest stories - Season 2

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Doodle Challenge 2015
I would hardly call myself an artist in that sense; I doodle, I draw, I'm not a trained artist, I couldn't sit down and do an accurate portrait of anyone.                                                                     - Rene Auberjonois                ...

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I grew up with these. Every single one of them has memories locked away. Don't even know if these are still available, I wish I could visit my second home, some day!

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Doing the run!
I hated sports. In fact I hated any form of activity that needed physical agility, aggression and competition. I can't remember how long I have been this way. The sports day during school was uneventful. My javelins used to fall flat. My short-puts drops ri...

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The Shortest Stories
'The Shortest Stories' is a naive attempt inspired by the 140 character short story series.

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The Elephant Deity!
I love festivals. Simply because it allows freedom in creative
expression. Be it a 'Pookalam' for Onam, a 'Kolam' for Pongal or decorating the Christmas tree. The festivals impart endless possibilities in art and cooking
too. Maybe this is what our culture ...

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When I became a cover girl :)
Yes, that's me you see on the cover of that magazine..Wait before you drop that jaw - drop it for Seematti and the brand master Beena Kannan. The mastermind behind this brilliant market outreach campaign, Well, it all started with inviting applicants for a ...

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Happy Easter from CarftMelange!
The hunt shall go on. The hunt for a world free of stereotypes, peace, love and happiness.

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The joy of giving
We love giving. Its our dose of dopamine- the feel good hormone.  CraftMelange gives away clocks to an orphanage in Chennai. This is the least we could do with the proceed collected from the sale of creations from CraftMelange . Art for a social cause is ou...

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Going mangoes!
What is common during summers, colored bright yellow, bleeds sweet honey with a velvety smooth finish. Mangoes!  Nature has a way of invoking passion in the strangest ways. The ripe yellow tender mangoes at the road side stalls, the glazed cut fruit on life...
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