"The two that bothered me most (and still do) are stroke and death. There are other serious things that can go wrong, but if their effects are temporary, then for me that puts them in a different league from a stroke, which could end my productive life, and death, which would end my life altogether.

The risk of death is put at one in a thousand, and this is where things get interesting. How worried should I be about a 0.1% risk? How do I even think about that question? Perhaps if my life expectancy from now on is around 30 years, I should think of this as an expected loss of 30/1000 years, or about 10 days. That doesn’t sound too bad — about as bad as having a particularly nasty attack of flu. But is it right to think about it in terms of expectations? I feel that the distribution is important: I would rather have a guaranteed loss of ten days than a 1/1000 chance of losing 30 years."
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