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Peter JR

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Peter JR

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ภาพสวยครับคุณ Jack
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Peter JR

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Peter JR

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saw this ... hundreds of times, still amusing every time LOL

Update: I found the site of this table:
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Peter JR

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Blunty Can I use with my D800E
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Peter JR

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Had a great time on Photigy Pro Corner Live workshop and assignment review. The video soon will be posted :

Thank you everyone who joined and participated in the assignment!
We got awesome shots, soon we'll see all of them featured on Photigy.
Special thanks goes to +Joshua Geiger for helping me with the workshop.
#workshop   #PhotigyLive   #ProCorner  

P.S Tomorrow we'll do a public hangout with our judges to find winners on this contest:
Join us at 5PM EST!
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Peter JR

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Good morning! Seeing is sometimes more than believing. Sailing ship routes in the 1800s = art.
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Peter JR

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Turkey Vulture checking me out... rescued 27 years ago in Arizona. #turkeyvulture   #birdsgallery  
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Peter JR

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Physicist Arie Van’t Riet became an artist when he started experimenting with X-Ray photography.

#art #photography
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If you are looking to contact me, email is best: but my cell phone number is +66-82-001-6677.


As a free thinker, I am always questioning things. I like arts in general and enjoy to travel to destinations with beautiful nature, as well as visit historical sites.

Now about me. First, I am an eternal optimist! I always see the glass half full. Some one said I was a hopeless romantic. I informed them that no, I was a Hopeful Romantic (not original to me, I stole that line from a movie). But it is true. I tend to see the best in people and try to ignore the less than best. (Not a door mat or someone who is used by people but someone who does not put my expectations on others).

Everything that has happened in my life had to happen to make me who I am today. I am smarter and stronger than I have ever been. Everyday is another day to grow! I have no regrets in my life, just some interesting ways of learning what not to do.

You care about the big picture. You are comfortable with large, ambiguous issues. You carefully weigh all of the variables involved, and regularly come up with imaginative solutions to complex problems.

You are friendly and humane. You have a big heart; you tend to trust people and sympathize with them easily. You want to make others happy and self-confident. So you work to build supportive networks among friends and kin.

Your empathy and kindness spill over into a desire to make the world a better place. And with your resilience and creativity, your ability to do many things at the same time, and your cleverness with words, you can be remarkably effective at improving the lives of others.

You are ambitious for your family and friends, but not always for yourself. You like an environment of sharing and consensus and you enjoy working in teams and planning long term.

You tend to be socially well-adjusted and skilled at inspiring others to reach their goals. So you are an empathetic and engaging companion.

I am so blessed to have lived long enough to have
my hair turning gray, and to have the smiles, laughter and the tears of all my years be forever etched into the deep grooves, and character of my face.

So many people have never appreciated the ability to smile, and to laugh and to cry, and so many have left this world before their hair could turn silver and their memories turn golden.

The older i get, the easier it is to stay positive: to live in the present, fondly remember the past and not worry if there is a future. I care less and less about what other people think and I don't question my choices and decisions anymore.

I've earned the right to be wrong and have learned to accept it.

The Native Americans had a saying, "if the eyes had no tears, the soul would have no rainbow." A heart never broken will never know the joy of healing and moving on.

You can see my profile and read words, you can see my pictures and not really see me. Everyone is unique so ask what you want to ask. I have nothing that I will not tell you. If you can`t handle the truth, then don`t ask the question.....
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"if you are a ceo and don't listen to your board you might get fired. If you do listen to your board you will get fired" - Life Explorer
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