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Well, Valentine's Day is officially over, even the second weekend of it-- hopefully all of the Romeos and Juliets shared their crushes through Covert Cupid!

And now, back to friends, lovers, and even strangers to give random acts of awesomeness throughout the year! Check out the instructions below or on our About section!

(Do a search for #g+nie to see some of the gifts that have already brightened days)
Because gifts shouldn't just come at certain times of the year, G+nie is here to help brighten the everyday!

Notice someone having a bad week? Want to congratulate a new job? Got a crush? Have an itch to use your Amazon Prime account to its fullest but no space left in your house for more stuff?

Use G+nie to find their Amazon Wishlist and send a surprise!

*Create an Amazon Wishlist
*On the list settings, select your shipping address so people can send you gifts
*Click "Share with friends" at the top of the list and grab the Permalink
*Add your info to G+nie's Wishlists (
*View the list of participants to access their Wishlists (
*Share this page with your friends so they can join in the fun!
*Tag +G+nie in photos of the gifts you have received and use #g+nie
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