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Making your Wishlist come true!
Making your Wishlist come true!

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It warms my little genie heart to think about smiling faces caused by thoughtful surprises showing up on doorsteps!

Be sure to update your Amazon Wishlist with some Autumn treats!

They say when your ears ring, someone is talking about you. When my back tingles, does that mean someone is trying to summon the +G+nie?

Someone must be getting a surprise soon!

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I believe this makes three votes for +Hillis Pugh adding a Wishlist!
The feeling of slight confusion I experienced when our office manager walked a new box into my office and said, "This just came for you", knowing I haven't got any orders pending, was quickly replaced by being absolutely stoked when I opened it and discovered a new Chromebook bag from my entry as a +G+nie Wisher (!

Thank you & respect to +Hillis Pugh for such a generous gesture. Totally made my day, dude. I hope those that get my gifts smile as much as I am now. :)

So add your name to the +G+nie list and let's keep the serendipity going - I'm proof positive that it's good as advertised. #g+nie

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In the comments, +Brenda Curtis mentioned she is rubbing the #g+nie lamp, let's hope one of you unleashes a surprise for her!
Yes, as a matter of fact I am having a birthday soon. March 19th.
If there is such a thing as BirthdayClaus here is my wish list.
No, I do not expect presents but hey, what the hell. Maybe I'll be some random 1,000,000 th post and win the lottery or something. And we can giggle and laugh at the silly things I want.

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So nice to see. You don't need to know someone to make their day!
Thanks to +Hillis Pugh for the awesome gift off of my +G+nie wishlist! Hopefully somewhere in this book it will tell me how to photograph the book itself-- that's part of everything, right? I should mention that I do not know Hillis, so this is a total act of random awesomeness!

#photo365 #photo366 #365project

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Well, Valentine's Day is officially over, even the second weekend of it-- hopefully all of the Romeos and Juliets shared their crushes through Covert Cupid!

And now, back to friends, lovers, and even strangers to give random acts of awesomeness throughout the year! Check out the instructions below or on our About section!

(Do a search for #g+nie to see some of the gifts that have already brightened days)
Because gifts shouldn't just come at certain times of the year, G+nie is here to help brighten the everyday!

Notice someone having a bad week? Want to congratulate a new job? Got a crush? Have an itch to use your Amazon Prime account to its fullest but no space left in your house for more stuff?

Use G+nie to find their Amazon Wishlist and send a surprise!

*Create an Amazon Wishlist
*On the list settings, select your shipping address so people can send you gifts
*Click "Share with friends" at the top of the list and grab the Permalink
*Add your info to G+nie's Wishlists (
*View the list of participants to access their Wishlists (
*Share this page with your friends so they can join in the fun!
*Tag +G+nie in photos of the gifts you have received and use #g+nie

Hey Wishers and G+nies!

Just to let you know, we offer a secret address service!

Let's say you have something you want to send somebody directly, or you want to buy them something from a non-amazon site. If they are on the +G+nie wishlist, then you probably don't have their postal address.

Just wish for their address, and the +G+nie will do their best!
Message us directly and we will try to get it for you.

We know this isn't a very good way to do it, but it seems to be the best workaround for now.

Happy G+fting!

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And another +G+nie gift!
Looks like this one could sort out +Andy Bohm and his crazy mind. ;)

Hope the training goes well for you!
I got a visit from a +G+nie ! And a personal favorite one, at that! Thank you so much!!!

Time to start training again!

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Another +G+nie gift-- and it looks like this one will help +Michael O'Reilly dazzle us with his photographs!

Smiles + Productivity + Art for us = WIN!
There May Be Hope For Me Yet

Yesterday I drove from Austin to Houston and back, and then I went dancing in the evening. As such, I was tired and failed to notice until this morning that there was a nondescript package from Amazon waiting for me in the place where such things wait for me!

I opened it right up, and inside was this book sent by the delightful +Sharon Strandskov, along with a kind message about her looking forward to seeing my progress over the course of the year with the #Photo366 project. Technically this could be either a +Covert Cupid or +G+nie gift, but knowing her I suspect it's the latter. Alternately, maybe it's a proactively defensive move on her part to keep her from having to look at my terrible pictures for another 11 months. :)

Okay, that last part was a joke. I recognize the spirit in which it was given, and am as always so appreciative that someone thought enough of me to send something. It really is the thought that counts, as they say, but in this case I'll do my best to make the gift itself count and continue to work on my photography skills. Thanks so much, Sharon!

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Random acts of awesomeness!!!
I just sent the first gift, to a total stranger, in the +G+nie project!
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