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Simona Hadade

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Simona Hadade

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Simona Hadade

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take your time and have a look... maybe
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Simona Hadade

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quite a little personality ... to be continued

i can be very mad, friendly when needed, not always polite and greedy. 
very important is not to stay in my way...i can go round you a couple of times...but just don't be rude.
i eat a lot because i like food, as usual, things you like seem to be denied.
i love gummy bears. i just discovered that dark chocolate is so very special and, to complete my histrionic view of life: raffaello is the most wonderful discovery ever.
i'm not modest, at all, and i'm clever. i interact with people easily but at a superficial level, after a while maybe we can have a serious discussion.
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  • Colegiul National de Informatica Grigore Moisil (Liceul de Informatica)
  • Facultatea de Automatica
  • got tired of learning and .... got lost
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levitating around...looking for a spot to land
  • bringing happiness in her life
    (Sef departament - :)))) importuri, present
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