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Body Art (English body art - «body art") - a form of avant-garde art, where creativity is the main object of the human body, and the content is revealed with the help of non-verbal language: postures, gestures, facial expressions, applied to the body marks, "ornaments ". The object of body art can also act drawings, photos, videos and plaster casts of the body.
The body as a thing to manipulate, the increased interest to artists exhibit borderline existential situation. Composition of body art are played directly to the audience or recorded for later display in the exhibition halls.
Direction came early avant-garde, but is particularly prevalent in the period of post-modernism, which uses it as an element of the installations and performances, some critics consider it to Actionism.
Body art is sometimes similar, but not identical, to a number of phenomena that occurred in line with the counterculture: nudity, sadomasochism, naturism, punk culture, the hippie culture, the sexual revolution.