In Yosemite park with fisheye lens

I am not sure if there are other crazy guys like me who use fisheye almost exclusively when shoot outside, but here you are: I've got in Yosemite park with Canon 8-15mm F4.0L lens.
The only drawback I had for this shot is a lack of polarizer to make river less reflective... but anyway, water came out pretty good.

This is HDR, 3 RAW exposures, assembled in Photomatix and finished in Photoshop.
Because of an extreme angle of fisheye lens, dynamic range is usually quite wide as well, and it is almost impossible to get the whole scene exposed correctly without multiple exposures. But still, we do a quite realistic HDR, isn't it? Even for a hand-held shot:-)

Enjoy and share if you like it:-)´╗┐
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