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Unlocking Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin mobile Samsungs.
MSL Reads and also lookup by IMEI/MEID.
Sprint, Virgin Mobile, AT&T, and other carriers iPhone unlocks.

And much more :)
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I don's see any new posts on our forums, and searching your name in my email returns 0 results. Email me
And David, we've replied to every single "Contact us" message so I'm not sure what you mean?

Is it a email reply you have been waiting 3 days on? Or after purchase you expected us to email you? Because after you purchase all you need to do is press "Unlock"

And also a automated email is sent you you with a link to re-download the for your device in case you missed it.

Full instructions here
Do you unlock sprint iPhone 6 plus bad/blacklisted imei?
Yes but they can be used Outside the US only after unlock (for Blacklisted ones) if it is only "financed" and not blacklisted it will work fine on AT&T after the unlock. Clean ones will work on any GSM provider in the US (Outside the US too)

Im waiting for the email for the link to download the , iv purchased 3 unlocked code for the same phone and yet no luck, please advise, or i will ask paypal to refund my money. thanks
Hi the app does download it automatically after purchase if you have internet/wifi enabled. Also after any purchase it is also emailed to you (check spam folder if you dont see it in your inbox) You can contact us here with the email you paid from and we will of course refund any duplicate purchase for the same imei ;)
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