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Would you like to show a picture of the voided contract or should I?  I find it amazing that you have such a terrible lack of customer service.  Our kegs were removed from the storage shed the VERY next day.  The same storage shed that YOUR workers told us to put them.  The arbor was donated to your location for future brides if needed, and that was also discussed to YOUR employees.  I have never dealt with a nastier, close minded individual than you. Would you also like to tell them how the feedback letter was never answered to, and your response was "I didn't think you wanted to hear from us."  It was only until several days (and a month) after the wedding that you chose to refund the ceremony fee, that WAS NOT on the original contract.  I still have all my emails from you saved.  Would you like me to start sharing them.  Way to give yourself a 5 star review that you didn't earn.  If you actually read my review, I had nothing bad to say about the location.  You on the other hand are a nasty woman. 
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