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Ross Przybylski
Game Designer, Philosopher, Adobe Flash Software and Mobile App Developer
Game Designer, Philosopher, Adobe Flash Software and Mobile App Developer

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Flash Professional is an excellent tool for creating browser and mobile games. Enhanced with a revamped set of UI components, developers could create multiscreen games and applications even easier!
I’m developing a suite of UI components called Aura. While many developers have been working on mobile UI components, Aura is unique in that it’s geared specifically for visual developers who work in the Flash Professional IDE.
Components can be "dropped" to the stage and fully customized from directly within the the IDE allowing designers to see live preview of what they will look like when published. They also adapt to the device the application is deployed on. For example, if you publish to the web, you’ll use a scroll bar with your mouse to control them. If you publish to mobile, you’ll scroll via swiping with your finger. The list uses bitmap rendering and cell recylcing for exceptionally fast performance.
Check out a demo video and download FLA samples from my blog here:
Let me know if this is something that would be helpful in your development workflow. 

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Fellow game developers- I'm pleased to share my latest blog entry "How to Become Your Own Game Developer with Adobe Flash".

My cross-platform multiplayer Flash game, Hero Mages, is going to be published as a tabletop board game by Game Salute, making it (I believe) the first-ever Flash game to port a physical form!

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Hero Mages now on available for Nook!

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DroidGamers is being generous again so spread the word!
You can win one on here and one by leaving a comment on the site. Be sure to read the details on how to enter. Good luck!

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Check out the culmination of my multiscreen game development using Adobe AIR: Hero Mages Multiscreen Demo

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FREE Hero Mages Demo now available on Android Marketplace. If you like tactical strategy games and fantasy RPGs, you're going to love playing this! Read up here:

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I've recently released my Adobe Flash/AIR coded multiplayer turn-based strategy game, Hero Mages, to the Android Marketplace.

The game combines elements of tabletop miniature war gaming with fantasy card games into a simple, yet compelling combination that tranforms your touch screen device into a virtual battlefield.

Technologies I developed for this include: GPU bitmap armature rendering, cross-platform multiplayer capability for 8 players, multi-screen device capability (works on phones/tablets/web etc. adjusting the layout of interface appropriately), ability to rejoin live games, map editing, and robust leaderboard and statistics tracking.

Check it out at:

How can you get an accurate reading of screen DPI in Flash Adobe AIR? The flash.system.Capabilities.screenDPI is not accurate.
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