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BlogHer co-founder. Send me a skiing site.
BlogHer co-founder. Send me a skiing site.


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Every once in a while I come upon a new hero. LIke today: Thank you, Jen McKen:

I Won't Photograph Ugly People

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I've recovered enough from BlogHer '11 to write an early wrap-up:
BlogHer '11: I Think the Real Me Met the Real You. However, I think the geekier take on the State of the BlogHerSphere may take me another week...

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Just wrote a post on what women who blog are saying to Washington. Since I'm shocked and appalled the nation is still stuck in this position and can't tear my browser away from it, may as well share, right?

Here's what's so interesting to me, semantically: Most of the women I've read blogging about this subject are saying elected officials are acting childish, like children or they invoke childish games, the need to grow up, etc. Whether the bloggers have kids or not. Here's a sampler:

* PunditMom: "The more of us who dig into our pockets and give to the candidates who will really listen to us, the better chance we have of never seeing this political childishness again."

* Commenter Priscilla on Small Town Mommy: "[T]hey are all a bunch of entitled children trying to hold onto a toy…they are so darn focused on making sure that their party has the toy they don’t care about anything else."

* JB Lang Bloggers: "For an easy fix to the lack of leadership I suggest an easy simple idea that even Congress could understand. Ever hear of the ‘Rock-paper-scissors', it’s a hand game…"

* Kathryn C: "Why Washington Should Call My Mom"

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