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The last few weeks I have been trying to eat a healthier diet. Some things have caused a derailment of that plan but not a total failure. Unplanned family emergency trip, transmission going out 300 miles into the unplanned trip, dealing with trying to be strong for the kids (really more young adults at 18 & almost 16) but still momma can't break down in front of them. Yep this will lead to sodas and junk ( past comfort) food.

Now it is time to get back on track! Lots of zoodles with light sauces, grilled chicken and fish, way more veggies than we are used to eating. But will be good for us. Soon I will just be me and kricket at home with DH still driving OTR and the youngest son leaving the nest (proud of him but wish graduation wasn't so close). The good thing about it just being us girls left is we like veggies... Yeah we like our tea and scones but will manage with them being a treat not a daily occurrence.

So my goal over the next few days is finding healthy and tasty ways of replacing pasta, breads, sweets etc. Kricket and I both excited about the up coming veggie season at the local U-Pick farm.

One thing I will be trying this week is fermented "sodas". Starting with a ginger ale.

Will share the process and results soon.
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