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Blue sky - Paya Terubong
Yes, take a dive and dip into the super duper cooling-looking pool. 

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Penang beach.
Another blue sky picture for you to enjoy. .....cheers.

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Batu Ferringhi Beach
Are these two expecting something coming from the horizon? ..... I shudder when people stare so hard.

Below is the first chapter of my children's book (middle grade). I have shown it to a few writers. They said it was promising. But I have yet to find any publisher or agent for this baby of mine. .... Anyway, here goes:

It was a beautiful day.
The sky was blue; the wind blowing every now and then. Even the trees and plants looked happy and lush.
Everything was good but 8-year-old Ronald Hoo was the least happy.
Six houses he had gone to, offering to sweep the car porch and do light gardening for a small fee. However, every house owner had said no to him. Most of them said they can do it themselves.
One man in a dark blue house even said to Ronald, “Gardening and mowing is a guy thing. I need no one to do that for me.” Feeling discouraged, Ronald moved on to the next house.
Standing at the front porch of the seventh house, Ron – as he was fondly known by his family and friends – sighed. He knocked on the door.
He waited - anxiously. The door was a dull green, and looked ... well, dull.
He got no answer. So, he knocked again.
Ron counted to ten, and turned around to leave. But he stopped because the dull green door opened a crack. An old lady appeared from behind the door.
“What is it?” the old lady said softly as though whispering. Ron had the feeling she would shoo him away like all the rest did. The lady looked about 75 years old and had white hair. Ron was intrigued by the bun on her head.
“What is the matter?” the lady asked Ron. She wasn’t whispering anymore.
“Um ...” was all Ron could utter.
“Yesss?” the lady sounded impatient. “What do you want?”
Knowing he should not give up or be discouraged so easily by earlier failures, Ron began – “Hello, good morning.”
The lady didn’t reply his greeting, merely peering at him from behind her reading glasses.
“I am here to offer you my service,” Ron began. “Five dollars. That’s all it will cost. I –“
“What is it for for five dollars?” the lady interrupted.
“Your porch – I will sweep and clean. And your garden, too, ma’am.”
The lady took a quick glance at her small garden to her right. “And why would I need you to do that for me?”
Ron didn’t know how to answer.
“And for five dollars? Oh dear,” lady sounded dissatisfied.
Ron didn’t know how to convince the lady. “Um ...” was all Ron said again. The lady asked for Ron’s name and why he was not at school. Ron explained that he wanted to earn extra money and would only do this in the evening.
“Why do you need the extra money?” the lady asked.
Ron was getting tired from all the questions he had to answer.
“Do your parents even know you are out here doing this? ... Alone?”
Ron was nervous, for he didn’t know people would ask so many questions. He had expected either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ answer.
“You’re rather scrawny,” the lady remarked. “Can you do gardening work? Do you have the energy?”
Ron noticed how this lady loved to stress one word in her every sentence. Ron said, “Never mind” and turned to leave. The lady stopped him.
Slowly she said, “A young man like you ... eager to earn his own money? ... That’s good. Now, did you say four dollars?”
“Five,” Ron corrected her.
“What, three?”
“Five. One-two-three-four-five, ma’am.”
“Name - name is Madam Will,” she told Ron slowly. After leaving Madam Will’s house, Ron went to a few other houses in the hope of getting hired. He failed, though. Despite this, he was pleased and excited to have had a house to go to the next evening – Madam Will’s.

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Batu Ferringhi had a flapping visitor.
A foreign flag landed upright on Malaysian soil. ..... 

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Air Itam.
Whatever the tank is, it is being compromised by the beauty of the blue skies. ..... 

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Desa Permata, Air Itam.
Can't get enough of blue skies.

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Chulia Street.
Junction of Chulia Street, Penang.
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