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Your free, easy, and friendly online ticketing solution.
Your free, easy, and friendly online ticketing solution.


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What you do really is more important than what you say. 

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What we do is far more important than what we say.
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Coffee And…Puppets?
The perfect way to perk up

Housed in an old zoo which closed in the 1950s, the Chunky Monkey’s Coffee LTD and Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre got together and hosted the Jack and Billy Puppet Show, and the pairing was a match that rivaled coffee and donuts. 

Simon Arnott of Chunky Monkey’s Coffee LTD says he arranged the event as an “advert for the theatre so people know it’s here and available for a number of uses. The theatre and our coffee shop is set within the walls of an old zoo which closed in the 1950s, and we were looking not only to boost our coffee sales but to allow people to see a bit of history in the park.”

Ticket prices were set to cover only the costs of the show and very quickly sold out, and the intimate, 50-seat space was the perfect setting. Noted Simon, “The theatre itself is owned by the local council, and we thought it was a shame not to use it more, therefore we are organising a vast array of entertainment for all ages. The performances of classic tales that many children will not have heard of was a good way of joining two generations together.”   

Everyone had a wonderful time, and Simon says, “It was great to see both kids and adults involved in the pantomime atmosphere, and having kids rave about how much they enjoyed it.”

What made this event a success: Advertising and printed tickets

Organisers placed full page adverts in local newspapers, their website, Facebook, flyers and posters, with the last two bringing in the most ticket sales. Simon believes “the tickets themselves were very useful, as I have always found that people want to keep a reminder of an event they have attended.”

Advice for planning a similar event: Use both print and virtual 

Simon’s advice: “We run events regularly now, so we have already learnt from most of our mistakes. Don’t forget that whilst social media is great for advertising, sometimes having physical advertising can work even better.  And, I always recommend using physical tickets for all events.”

More about this event

Create customized tickets for your next event

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Fall Is Made For Entertaining! 
Tips for organizing the perfect autumn bash

There’s no reason to stop entertaining outdoors when a chill touches the air. Use the colors and calm of the season to your advantage before the holiday frenzy sets in.
Whether you’re planning an adult dinner party for six or a family-friendly fun day, here’s how to use your yard to its fullest:

Mind the season.  Decide what type of party you’re planning before sending out invitations. If you’re looking to have an outdoor extravaganza, make sure your guests know so they can dress accordingly. Also, be sure to have a backup plan for outdoor adventures.  Perhaps set aside a room in your house or even rent a gazebo and patio heater for guests to take cover if the weather turns.

Use the season. Decorating for an autumn event can be as easy, as everything you need is often just outside your front door. Fallen leaves, acorns, twigs tied with ribbons, mini gourds and seasonal flowers all work well…have fun with it! For outside events, be sure to include suitable lighting. String fairy lights around your patio or yard, or use candles in hurricane lanterns for an ethereal glow.

Comfort is the word. Autumn is the perfect time to indulge guests with hearty foods. Homemade beef stew or chicken soup are comfort foods, as is anything cheesy. For family events, serve drinks that can easily be made into virgin beverages for children by adding something like apple juice, sparkling cider, soda or tonic. And, don’t forget dessert. Nothing says fall like a hollowed out baked apple with vanilla ice cream and warm caramel!

Entertainment is helpful. Make sure your guests have a good time by having some party games ready to go. Children are easily satisfied with traditional lawn games, craft activities and seasonal activities like a pumpkin rolling contest, but don’t forget about the adults! You can set up a pub-style quiz session or try some of these fun games:

For more fall event planning tips:

Order affordable, customizable invitations for your next event

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Planning a Halloween Party? These treats will give your guests goosebumps (in a good way!).

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Travel the World
Without ever leaving Indianapolis

By visiting the 39th Indy International Festival! Held Thursday November 5 - Friday November 6 at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds, the event features  authentic foods from 20+ ethnic vendors; continuous ethnic music and dance by local and national performing groups; Culture Booths hosted by volunteers in traditional dress where you can connect with your own ethnic heritage; artisans demonstrating unique cultural crafts; a Naturalization Ceremony and an International Marketplace offering gifts from around the world. 

To buy tickets:
More about the event:

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Got Slumping Ticket Sales?
Here’s how to boost ‘em

Even the best laid plans and most thorough event preparation (flyers, tickets and other printed materials, logistics in place) can’t save you from an occasional bout of stalled event ticket sales. 

Get your attendance numbers back on track with these tips:

Use Your Networks

Ask your friends and coworkers to spread the word about your event through their social networks. If you’ve got a list of attendees from a previous event, reach out to them through an email or newsletter. Doing so will not only sell more tickets but also help build loyalty by making former attendees feel like they are an integral part of your organization or group.  Finally, if you have speakers, sponsors or special guests, for a bump in numbers, enlist them to spread the word through their spheres of influence. 

Create a Competition

The chance of winning a prize will convert many potential buyers, which makes a raffle or giveaway a great promotional tool.  Just make sure that a ticket must be bought in order to enter and that the prize is related to your event (such as offering a VIP experience).

*Utilize #Hashtags *

Hashtagging is one of the quickest ways to create buzz on Twitter and Instagram and is great for event promotion. Hashtags make it easy for your Twitter and Instagram fans to converse about your upcoming event.  The more that people talk, the more it’ll lead to virtual word-of-mouth which can lead to higher ticket sales. After promotion, your event’s hashtag can be used to measure guest participation, as well. 

For more tips:

For affordable, customized event tickets

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Great planning tips for events of any size. We especially like #6, #8 and #10!
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Unique Fundraising Ideas
For when you’re just not feeling another car wash or bake sale

Deciding what kind of fundraiser to have for your organization is just as important as the work you’ll put in to make it successful. Instead of going for the tried and true, tailor your choice to suit your organization.

The following are a few unique ideas we’ve come across:

Hold A Talent Show: Great for school and camp fundraisers, this event could feature the talents of students or campers. This kind of event is also an excellent vehicle to showcase the entire community by featuring local talent and promoting local businesses as sponsors.

Get Seasonal:  Use whatever holidays or themes are in the moment to create a fun event. For example, a spring fundraiser could include garden-themed prizes like a garden starter kit, or a fall fundraiser could be a trip to a local pumpkin patch. 

Go With Shock Value: You’d be surprised how much money you can raise when a principal, coach, mayor, or other prominent community member has signed on to get dunked in a tank, have their head shaved, or be assigned some type of embarrassing  task.   If you go the embarrassing task route, simply ask fundraiser attendees to pay a dollar as a vote for which tough task the person of honor will have to complete.  Take this kind of fundraiser up a notch by turning the event into a live auction, with the highest bidder getting the honor of deciding what task your guest of honor must do.

More fundraising ideas

Print customized raffle tickets:

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Back to school tips for parents...definitely worth the read!

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Schedule time to be involved in your child's life.
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Art + Wine + Music = A Great Time!
Do something different this Labor Day Weekend

Held Labor Day weekend, the Santa Cruz Mountains Art & Wine festival has a an incredible line-up, amazing artists, great food, and delicious local beers and wines. The park is beautiful, you'll be surrounded by redwoods...and the parking is free!

Buy tickets
For more event details:

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