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Adams Cloud
Helping bring more love, laughter & play into your home!
Helping bring more love, laughter & play into your home!

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Should all parents be required to attend a parenting course before they can claim child benefit?
We’ve all heard the expression, “You need a licence to have
a dog but any fool can have a baby.” Now, admittedly I am one of those fools
and I have had 4 babies so I’m glad they haven’t brought in that law because if
they did my kids would be off to the pou...

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They can do it....So Let them!
Look at the mess you made “Quick Quick!"
"Hurry Hurry!" "Come on we're late!"   Be Careful Give it to me I’ll do it. No! you'll hurt yourself. Be careful I’ve just
cleaned up. I’ll do it you will only spill it. No! you’ll make a mess.  Don’t do
that. Stop ...

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Every Child Deserves To...
Before I start my
blog I just want to say sorry it has been a while since my last blog as over
the past 2 weeks I was away in London promoting and at present Jackie is away
leaving me home alone with 3 nutty kids and no instructions, but at least were

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The Power of Love:Creates a Magical Moment for Noah and his Mum
After a massive and amazing response last week to Geraldine's message about her little boy Noah who was left deaf after an infant illness, this new message from baby Noah's mum has again left me speechless. I wonder did Adam have anything to do with the lat...

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Happiness! It's right in front of us.
  What I’m trying to do is make parents realize, That wonderful magic moments are before their very eyes.   The laughs, the hugs, the kisses the giggling family fun is free for every little kid and free for everyone.   But not everyone will know when this m...

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The Power Of Love
Last week I received this extraordinary message from a very special mum that not only touched me deeply but also demonstrates the power of love and the importance of expressing your love for your children every day as we never know what challenges lie in wa...

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We have a great opportunity for an Intern... Require Online PR and Marketing Intern   The Opportunity Under the government backed internship scheme. This is a great opportunity to work in a very successful publishing
business that has 7 number 1 best selling and a...

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A Poem for Valentine's Day
that special day, can cause a lot of stress Will
she like my present and will he like my dress? How
does someone show their love for the person they adore Is
it gifts and dinners and perfume by Dior?  Well
that’s all fine and easily done a...

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My Story, My Journey in My Words
My Story In My Own Words Published Irish independent Nov 2014 Benji Bennett As I ponder on the publication of a 7 th book, the
5 th to be nominated for the Irish Book Awards I find myself in a
fortunate position to have been blessed with life’s most preciou...
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