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Have an idea for your new virus mods (that I, nor anyone else has any real idea about yet...)

I propose, that when you infect a portal, you give a notification and a certain amount of time in which to give the portal owner a chance to save it. They would have to get down to the portal and attack the virus with bursters to cease its conversion and the length of time can change pending on the level of the virus, i.e. Level 1 = 1min, L2 = 2mins, L3 = 4mins, L4 = 8mins, L5 = 16mins, L6 = 32mins, L7 = 1:04mins, L8 = 2:08mins or something to that effect and maybe allow the hacking player a chance to keep his or her virus recharged as well if they remain in the area. Gives the players who worked really hard to make those L7 and L8 portals a chance to retain their hard work but also gives and attacker a more then fair chance for their bounty. Plus creates some great face to face action and adds some urgency to the game!

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