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I think it's important to keep in mind their definition of success is different than actual scientists performing basic research.  They ultimately want splash and profits. There may be plenty of people who want to pay to have their neocortex mapped into computer code just like there are lots of people who wanted their genome sequenced even though there isn't much you can do with it at this point.

I'm curious. Who here who personally knows me and frequents Google+ at least weekly?

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"Visualizing Bayes' Theorem". An RA of mine showed me this after I gave him a primer. Very intuitive explanation. 

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Bioengineering and the Future of YOU

How will you approach bio-enhancement?  Would you vote to prevent others from having the option or are you for the enahancement of the human form?

“If I could offer you a pill that allowed your child to increase his or her memory by 25 percent, would you give it to them?”  

There is a lot of grey area here to think about which is why I think it is an interesting topic for discussion.  One place I can see as a hangup is how bio engineering affects our performances in sports.  It took 5 years to figure out how to make Oscar Pistorius' carbon composite legs on par with a "normal human" so he could compete in the Olympics. 

Or how about just the backlash that the cochlear implants have received from the deaf community who feels that there is nothing wrong with them?  Is it their choice to say that people shouldn't modify their bodies?

A quote from Aubrey de Grey who is working on anti-Aging related therapies said:

"Another thing that we need to bear in mind is that it’s actually not for us to decide, to anticipate what’s going to happen. What we should remember is that we already have a problem; we have a problem of 100,000 people dying every day and dying miserably as well from the problem of aging, so it’s our absolutely clear moral obligation to develop these therapies as soon as possible and give humanity of the future the option to use these therapies, and if they find that it’s really miserable having not very many children around and they prefer actually to have aging the way it’s always been; then that’s their choice. But if we don’t develop these therapies, then we’re imposing that choice on them and condemning them to an unnecessarily early and unnecessarily miserable death on the basis of our choices and that’s morally unacceptable."  

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How about WPA-style program to rebuild Northeast? People need jobs, work needs to be done. Maybe food and roof for day's work?

In case the deficit/debt ceiling debate still makes no sense.

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