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Auto Cleaning and Detailing Products
Make the world cleaner and better place.
Make the world cleaner and better place.


From 2009 to 2014, Our great pleasure to have you with us!
To make more people enjoy a better and clean life,we want to thank you for all you effort. On Behalf of Autokitstools Group Sales Department,we wish you a happy New Year,see you in of 2015! Wish you A bull market whole year!
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What a double side plush microfiber chenille gloves!!!Our sample room just make the world's biggest microfiber chenille mitt (maybe we can apply for the Guinness book of records. haha),real shape almost 30 cm long,can hold half arms,first launch in India market,are you still worry about cleaning and washing??no need any more,try to use autokitstools largest plush double side chenille mitt/gloves.WOW!Best tools for car washing and detailing!"
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What is the advantage of Magic clay towel/clay mitt than a traditional clay bar?
Removed contaminants from the paint.become smooth and silent after use. Additionally, it was faster and easier than using clay bar.
For some tougher spots on the car, a traditional clay bar with some clay bar lubricant works better,the most of contaminants seem to come off of the clay on the towel and the towel goes a great job on removing the contaminants from the car's clear surface.  
But When we use the conditional clay bar,as we always use for many years,using clay bars to detail our vehicles there is time consuming even the clay bar do a good performance.On the other hand,we always need to worried about dropping the clay bar on the ground,it will make it dirty result in unavailable,also need reshaping the clay bar after decontaminating each time.
With the new tech clay towel,you can wash the car without worried about the dropping and clean very easy,clay towel can be use over and over time,use the clear water to rinse,in this way,the car wash shop owner could save a half time to wash a car,soon make you car surface silky smooth.
wash time:From the test of one of our customers,used by clay towel Washed, cleaned and waxed 1 complete cars  under 30 minutes to a mirror shine.look glass,only take the one out of ten of time as clay bar.
First we recommend breaking in the towel on glass,then using it on the paint. a bit of lubricant is necessary so the towel glides easily across the paint,no need the hard friction,only straight move can clean it up.

No need kneading, and no clay stuck under your nails, no need throwing product away after it falls on the ground which can lead to the damage for environment, better store it easier.Several times use!
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