My friend Geoff and I playtested Microscope Union on Thursday night via Google Drive, and I thought I'd share.  A word about the setting first:

We didn't bother with a Palette, as we chose to explore the ancestry of a major NPC in our sword&sorcery Fate Core game, Commander Andreas Jasper, leader of the Greycloaks of Emporopolis.

In this world, the dominant power is the Chrysian Empire which, while very cosmopolitan, is Greek in culture.  There are two kinds of magic, wizardry and sorcery;  sorcery is illegal in the Empire and also strongly proscribed by the state religion, the Church of the Logos.  Greycloaks are Church-trained wizards whose job is to ferret out sorcerers.

To the west of the Empire are the Green Isles, which are mostly Celtic in culture, but also have a very strong strain of formality, somewhat reminiscent of the Japanese.  We have long known that Jasper's unusual last name meant that he must have some Green Islander ancestry - a very common thing in the western half of the Empire.  And to the north of the Empire is the land of Borea, which is basically Norse.

The letter sequences like 'MMF' stand for 'Mother's Mother's Father', and so forth, as we weren't able to use physical cards.

We went through 6 Foci and Legacies, or 36 moves total.
Microscope Union
Microscope Union
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