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Purveyors of compiled Dalvik bytecode
Purveyors of compiled Dalvik bytecode

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Hey! All 8 of our fans! Yeah, you!

We now have a Facebook page and if any of you are on Facebook we'd really like you to like us there too. We can't give you free stuff (unless, well, you count our apps) if you like us like some businesses do but you will get our gratitude.

Yeah we'd prefer free stuff too.

Oh and if you're wondering why we're called "Si Co De" over there? Well, it's because Facebook sucks and wouldn't let us call ourselves SiCoDe nor SiCoDe Software. ZUCKERBERRRRG!!!

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CommuterMap - the map, the whole map, and nothing but the map.

We have just released three maps to the Play Store, one for London, one for Boston and one for New York City. Navigate the public transport of these cities using a lightweight ad-free zoomable map that works offline and saves to your SD card. And best of all they're free.

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Our new website is also live. Check it out to see basically what we have here, but at a more exclusive and more memorable address!

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...and here's the app.

C2SMS, a simple one that lets you send a contact's phone number via SMS.

OK, so we started small. It's a big scary world out there.

Download it now from

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And we're off...

To celebrate the launch of our first Android App in the Play Store we've tweaked our website a bit. Hope you like it.

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And very blurry it is too.
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