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Bit of overlap here: I'm presenting next week at the EdinbR user group:

*Getting started with spatial data*

This talk will be a brief introduction to using R (and other open source software) for working with spatial data. The talk will cover:

* types of spatial data
* which software for different parts of your workflow
* some examples of spatial analysis including:
- shortest path between locations
- allocation networks
- digital terrain models

Some of these topics are shown in this blog post

R beginners very welcome.

I need to convert 650 OS national grid references to easting and northing (m). I've seen some of the online conversion tools, has anyone come across a package for R/Python/QGIS/Grass/etc. that I can incorporate into a workflow? Failing that, which online (batch) conversion tool do you prefer?

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Does anyone know how I can get this in a shp file format? Or at least make it play nicely with gdal!

I did find a shp version here:, but the data zone codes don't match the others I'm working with...

Post has attachment network analysis for all GB postcodes (1.6M) to train stations (3k) via Ordnance Survey Open Roads (3M), mapped in CartoDB: For those interested, it took ~ 23 hrs of processing time running single core on an Intel i5 4460 and used up to 16GB of ram and 6GB of swap partition. Follow the school/hospital example to try for yourself!

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I've been trying out CartoDB via the QGIS plugin. Here's a map showing the distance from Scottish postcodes to the nearest train station, using Ordnance Survey Open Roads and network analysis in GRASS.
Postcode 2 train station
Postcode 2 train station

If anyone would like to use my ticket for today's Scottish meet up, go ahead. I'm calling in sick.

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Getting stuck into #ggplot with #rstats including annotating line descriptions onto a facet of plots:

Plus Scottish climate variables through time.

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Thanks for your ppa. I've added details to my #Linux   #science   install script:
Add a comment...

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Here's a walk through for using GRASS and SQLite with R for data management, analysis and scripting:

Example uses daily satellite data from MODIS.

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Follow the OSGeo UK group for open source spatial news beyond QGIS:
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