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Contact us for security patrol or security guards for your home or business over the xmas period. We supply security services to the Redlands, Logan and East Brisbane. 

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MSE Security attended to multiple break and enters last night between the Wynnum and Capalaba areas. There is a spate of break and enters happening with around 5 Last night and 8 the night before. Protect yourself and your business and help reduce your insurance premiums by engaging in MSE Security Patrol services, we can also assist with your electronic security and guarding needs. 
See images from last nights attempt on an ATM
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Unfortunately, crime is on the rise and with spring in the air and summer just around the corner, MSE Security has put together a list of great home security tips for you;
Don’t leave keys under mats and in entries
Ensure all perimeter doors and windows are securely closed
Install a CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) system
Display security stickers on windows and doors
Get a dog, this is the biggest burglar deterrent
Inform neighbours when you are away for extended periods
Install deadlocks and grilles
Cut down shrubs & bushes that conceal your entry
Install motion sensor lighting
Hire a security guard to perform security patrols of your property
These may seem pretty basic but you'll be surprised just how often we invite burglars in.

Lights and televisions are not a deterrent for break and enters.  In fact ‘sneak break-ins’ when owners are actually at home are on the rise.  Don’t make it easy for criminals, turn the lights off!
After you experience a break-in from your premises the likelihood increases that the villains will return in just weeks to steal your insurance replaced goods.
MSE SECURITY – Mobile Security Guards Brisbane
Offer a complete package, whatever your budget to protect your home, get in touch today and one of our helpful security experts will be delighted to assist.
For all your security – Redlands Security Guards – Capalaba Security Guards – Logan Security Guards, contact MSE Security

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The festive season is upon us along with the parties and good times comes the potential of unwanted guests.
MSE Security Services provide security guard hire for parties and security guards for school formals. 
There’s an old saying that ‘prevention is better than cure’, one of the important issues faced by party hosts is the possibility of gate crashers.  In the era of social media it is easier than ever for word to spread, for a few extra dollars you can protect your guests and property.  If you’re holding an event or party you may enjoy the peace of mind of hiring a security guard, the decision is yours!
Security Guard Hire Capalaba l Security Guard Hire Wynnum l Security Guard Hire Redlands & Logan, don't risk your safety.
Here’s an interesting link from the vaults.

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More on Redlands  statistics here's the map, did you know crime is on the rise up 29% from 2014 -2015?

Take a look at our previous posts, in you're in this area you need security, MSE Security mobile patrols are here to help

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Firstly this is not an isolated case of one council area, I’m sure other regions too are experiencing this trend.  This is not intended as a ‘bash up’ just some facts that relate to the emphasis of the importance of home and business security wherever you are.
MSE Security service the Redlands and greater Brisbane including Logan, providing Mobile Security Services, Static Security Services to protect you, your assets and people.
Here is the outcome of the analysis, all figures have been taken from Queensland Police website, if you want to research your own area simply follow this link, all data is downloadable in an Excel spreadsheet format.

2014 – We compared the 01/01/2014 - 30/06/14 to the 2015 figures for the corresponding period and this is our findings;
2014 – 269 unlawful entry & robbery combined
2015 – 347 unlawful entry & robbery combined
A staggering 29% increase over the two periods
Highlighting the importance for the need to be vigilance when it comes to security.
We not only offer regular security, but security for one of situations like home protection when you’re on holidays, crowd control security for parties, school formals and events
If you’d like to find out more on how MSE can protect your home, business and assets please contact us.

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Security Patrol Services, are they worth it?  Here's a great article from Wynnum Police website, Security guard foils attempted break in.  With regular checks of your premises you too can have the piece of mind that when you leave your premises your protected.  MSE Security offer regular and one off patrols ad guard services throughout Redlands and South East Brisbane, we never sleep!

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Don't let this happen to you.  It's school formal season and what goes with that are fun times and pre and post formal parties.

MSE Security Services offer security guard services for you school formal party, affordable rates, don't take any chances, we cover Redland Shire formal party security.  Contact us for an obligation free quote.  MSE are a great deterrent.
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