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What a busy year!
This year has been as busy as last one, mostly because I left you folks when I was still looking for a flat, which I managed to get after lot of stress, but hey, what is an almost 18 months waiting compared to someone who had to wait 12 years for their goal...

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So yesterday +Nat Duca talked about how google chrome try to achieve steady 60 fps not only on Desktop but also on Mobile, without resorting to tricks (removing current tricks), fixing bugs on the engine and by using GPU power and all I could think during his talk was #redditruinedmylife

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Interesting reading about "the fold" despite that, this tool looks useful for optimising the perceived performance 
Extract & inline above-the-fold CSS with Critical ~ a new module to help with web perf (alpha)

Includes some demo projects using Critical on one-page sites & Angular apps.

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I was bored so I've done this:
a simple 3d animation rotating a triangle and a square around their axes, 
I should be bored more often :D

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So after 2 years, 2 months and 22 days we released MooTools 1.5.0:
for the people not used to MooTools release number, 1.5 is a Major Release, that means that there's some breaking changes, but fear not! Since 1.2 MooTools has shipped a compat layer so you can amazingly run your MooTools script directly from 2006 with little to no changes (the only problem you could have is if you want to use Swiff, then you have to add it through MooTools more.

MooTools 1.5 has removed all the sniffing that was left in the code, there weren't lots of them, I believe there was just two legacy in Core (of which one I'm pretty sure never run on the browsers we support) and 8 in More, so now all the code is based on Feature Detection instead, here you can see all the removing sniffing commits:

As some of the our community already know despite the long timespan from latest main release the source has always been updated in github, in fact this was the changelog for core:
and this for more:

Nethertheless in those years the Developers has been working on a new set of tools which I summarized on this comment on the reddit thread: There's more to come, I promise.


Sugo just released, a simple tool for testing newer technologies :)

+Mauro Cecchini verto El me vecio pc, vardo parche no se impissa pi, pasta termica completamente secca, cavada con alcol, no gavendo pasta termica me son ricorda de ti è El trucco dei 2 centesimi de rame, ma i se troppo spessi... Allora gho messo un foglio de alluminio piega in 8, quanto tempo ghe vorrà prima che ciapi Fogo tutto secondo ti? 
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