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Xiaomi mi4c
1. Flashlight not work in status bar
2. Please add f2fs support
3. Other small bug like "not rotate photo in gallery" in the posts bellow
Firmware is great. Thank you.
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F2FS is dependent on Bootloader too, and kernel as well. Like Moto have been using for long and No issue with any ROM. Try to format Partition in F2FS in TWRP, if it fails, Then Revert to default one.
Not only in the statusbar. Using third party flashlight also doesn't work
Is flashlight ok with MK71.1-libra-201701120616-NIGHTLY ?

Update: Flashlight It's still not working, but with me it works with third party app.
Gallery from camera still does not do the rotation.
Finally this one works. I've tried ASUS Flashlight before, doesn't work. 
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