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The Google+ [ #OccupyWallStree ] stream is definitely hopping today. Click over to "most recent" to see the latest news or just hang out on "Best of" for the most engaged posts. There's a ton of good videos in the stream - gives you a sense of what it feels like on the ground, along with out takes from the major newcasters.

Google+ [ #OccupyWallStreet ] stream:
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You get the exact same stream if you drop the #, it's superfluous. ;)
FYI - found out about this situation here, as it happened, and not through the other social networks...
Hmmm... with the new API opening up search and the new blogger templates - I wonder if it is the hour of the hashtag on G+ at last.
Because that flipboard layout on blogger would be awesome if it showed pics from posts with that hashtag you posted, and clicking on them opened the post.
OK - I need a nap.
I expect to see this app blog web page when I get up later - somebody - anybody.
Just search for a hashtag on G+ and it populates the blog.
Thanks! Looking forward to search on Mobile!
+Frances Haugen Frances, has Google+ always had hashtag searches? To my understanding, it didn't previously employ searchable hashtags. I just wrote a piece on this, but would really appreciate clarification.
I think the search is a recent addition and it being a hashtag or not is immaterial. Currently hashtags have no special relevance on G+ and are simply a string of text.
I am hoping they become special selectable items which can be added to a circle etc...
We also need labels or tags which people can post with and viewers can filter profiles on with either black or white lists to help quell stream noise.
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