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It's so easy for us to only see the near term and the near past, but we truly are living in a truly unique and glorious time. Never in the history of the world has such a large fraction of humanity had a channel to be heard.

I want to celebrate smallness. Celebrate the quiet. Have you never posted before on G+? Click on the sharebox at the top of your stream and in whatever you type include #franceslisten and I'll check it out (you'll show up in G+ Search for #franceslisten ). :-) I want to hear from you. Here's a prompt even to get you started... What would the chapter titles be to your biography? For example, "Montana; the early years; Cleveland Out in the Cold; NYC Finally Home; Rise of the Internet." or maybe "Before the accident; Everything since." You can share it to Public or just to me. I want to hear from you.

You are needed. You are incredibly needed to build the future.
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1. Asleep/The Lie
2. Denial, or how I came to love the System
3. Darkest Hours
4. Epilogue
You are so important to G+. Never forget that. We are at the beginning of the beginning. :-)
+Juan Ochoa That means you are ready for your greatest hour. :-) Epilogue is for after we die and you are clearly still kicking!
I meant it in a Charles Stross' Accelerando postsingularity way... I'm pretty much convinced that you guys are the ones that will make a true infosphere, real AI, and the rest of the future happen...
+Juan Ochoa I work at Google because I believe it's the place I can make the largest difference right now. Hopefully that will continue in the future. :-) I'm working on it, trust me.
I choose to believe some at Google believe there is peace & prosperity in the idea of making it possible for everyone to be easily able to communicate & collaborate. To get through hard times we need sharing, transparency, information, and I believe those can add up to compassion. I hope.
Funny you should say "For example, "Montana; the early years; ", MT is where I grew up.
Half of all the people who have ever lived are alive today. How's it working out so far? Edit Feb 2 2012 3 25 EST: correction, per Toby Segaran that should read 10% of all people are alive today.
"Half of all the people who have ever lived are alive today" is one a statement that gets repeated frequently even though it is clearly false upon reflection. The actual number is less than 10%.
What a fantastic idea +Frances Haugen!
I will def' put together a little list of chapter titles for you. How wonderful you've invited people to be heard :)
Great idea :)!
But you will have a heck of a lot to read, me thinks ;-)
+Kelly Clowers Frances knows it all! She has seen the future. :-)
+Sandy Orenstein +Toby Segaran In 150 years, everyone alive at this moment will be dead, but no worries, Google+ will speak for us all.
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