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Frances Haugen

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A sobering statistic: [ In November 2014 ] "Democratic candidates in all of the races won by Republicans or Democrats got about 98.7 million votes. Republican candidates in those same races got 94.1 million." And yet, that worked out to 54 Republicans and 44 Democrats plus two independents, who hang out/vote with Democrats. (

So even though the Democrats got 4.9% more votes, the Republicans got ** 23% more seats ** - I am ashamed every time the Republicans say they got a mandate from the election.
And that is "gerrymandering".
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Something also bothered me about the original poster's numbers. I thought there is no way that 192.8 million (98.7 + 94.1) people voted in Senate elections (especially since 2014 was noted as one of the worst turnouts ever for elections). I haven't been able to tally the numbers yet but it's clear that with, theoretically, 33 or 34 Senate seats available for election in 2014, there would need to be an average of over 5 million voters per State if the 192.8 were true. I'm seeing nothing like that anywhere I look.

The key is that the 98.7 million and 94.1 million are votes in all races. That means it's counting votes in races outside the senate...not unique voters. To compare the percentage of votes in all races to the results in the Senate is not logically sound.

Also, as mentioned before, there were only 33 or so seats up for election in the Senate in 2014. So the percentage of seats calculation is misleading since approximately 2/3 were not up for election.

This isn't a partisan response but one that deals with fact checking and the logic of comparing "apples to apples" as they say. Question everything and don't believe what anyone posts. This original post is particularly faulty. 
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Frances Haugen changed her profile photo.

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Why not?
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Thanks all! :-)
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Frances Haugen

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My manager showed up in our weekly 1:1 with this mash-up of hardware. Oh the dangers of getting the first Retina displays, only to be thrown back to the end of the queue when you need a replacement. :-(

He did though point out it in some ways highlights how thought through Apple's designs are, that they don't feel that awkward when thrown together field-medicine style. 
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Frances Haugen

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For the last 2.5 years, my best friend +Molly Trombley-McCann and her husband +Ransom Byers and I have been renovating a pair of houses in West Oakland near the West Oakland BART stop (it's San Francisco's Brooklyn). Our original purchase was of two houses on one piece of land, and the renovation of the front house has been dramatic to say the least. We ripped the entire house down to the studs, raised up the whole thing and poured a new foundation, and only in the last few months has the building started to look like a place we could live in. Here are some pictures from the freshly painted upper floor. The orange room is our future dining/living room, the blue room the kitchen, and the yellow room the upstairs bathroom. All of the rooms will be less colorful after either the wainscoting (dinning/bathrooms) or cabinets goes in (kitchen), all or which is white, but I love the colors even now with 2x as much color as there will eventually be.

The most exciting change this week was the spiral staircase was installed - we no longer have to walk outside around the entire house to get between floors! :-)

The photos of the stacks of wood are of the future floor for the upper floor - we're using reclaimed south east east asian tropical hardwood (originally from shipping crates) and the natural color variation is just phenomenal. I get all twitterpated thinking about the floor being installed! I promise to post more going forward!
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+Janine Eguac
ज़िन्दगी बेतकलुफ़ हमें आज़माती रही,
हम भी खुले आम इसे आज़माते रहे,
अजीब सी इक कशमकश थी यह,
चोट खाते रहे मुस्कुराते रहे...!!!
जी भर के रोये तो करार पाया,
इस ज़माने में किसने प्यार पाया,
ज़िन्दगी गुज़र रही है इम्तिहानो के दौर से,
इक ज़ख़्म भरा नहीं के दूसरा तैयार पाया...!!!
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Frances Haugen

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When I was a kid, summer was the time of lighting. We'd stand on the giant expanse of asphalt that was considered "play equipment" and stare up at the sky as the huge cumulonimbus clouds would build and make bets about how bad the storm would be.

Now that I live in the San Francisco bay area, I almost never hear thunder. I wonder if global warming will bring the thunder storms back to me. Could it be that California is acquiring "seasons"? Hmmm?
San Franfrazzled: Once-in-a-lifetime picture of lightning striking iconic bridge

"They say that lightning never strikes twice, but this amazing photo proves otherwise.

An incredible eight bolts struck the Bay Bridge in San Francisco last night which was captured in this incredible shot by photographer +Phil McGrew who took the photo through the rain-soaked window of his apartment."

Read more:
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A couple of weeks ago some tree trimming occurred at Benjamin Staffin's place and while it did seriously open up his gorgeous view of the city, it left his back yard a mess - buried in several feet of branches.

Starting a couple days ago, I've had a craving to cut up all the branches and start gardening his yard, so I went out Friday and bought some garden gloves and and a pair of sheers. This morning, rising at the ludicrous hour of 6:30 AM (I didn't fall asleep till 3:30 - I've been having trouble sleeping lately), I started snipping apart the branches, and built up quite a pile by the time I quit an hour later. This was a huge victory for me, because I have no memory of having that much physical endurance in the last year - I appear to actually be on the mend!

This is a panoramic photo of the back yard after another hour's worth of work by Ben and twenty min by myself. It seems to be much crisper on G+ than fb - I think fb must be aggressively down sampling it.
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His miss 
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Want to see some magical data? When I was little, May Day (May 1) had a standard protocol: { 1 } Make May Baskets in school. { 2 } Go home. { 3 } Leave a May Basket on a neighbor's door step. { 4 } Ring door bell. { 5 } Run. (Fast. You're not supposed to get caught - no, really).

When I describe this to people who are from outside of Iowa, usually they just look at me weird. But where might they not look at me askance? Turns out search traffic for [ may baskets ] hints that May Day interest seems to be pretty binary - people are either into the May Day-ness or not. Capital of the May Basket? Omaha, Nebraska.

Also, hilariously, the Top 5 Search Queries that correlate with [ may baskets ] are:

1) may basket
2) breakfast pizza recipe
3) renewable fuels
4) breakfast pizza
5) maytag refrigerators

The [ renewable fuels ] and [ maytag refrigerators ] line up well with my experience of Iowa, so let's just blame Nebraska for those breakfast pizzas.

Google Trends:
Google Correlations:
Google Image Search - May Day Basket:

#MayDay     #BigData     #JoyOfData     #Iowa     #IsBetterThanNebraska     #StudyingTheHumanConditionThroughTheMediumOfTheInternet    
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I've often wondered why the May Day I grew up with wasn't a thing elsewhere. I love that this is something Maine and Iowa have in common.
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Frances Haugen

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First real rain of the season... at least there was a rainbow! :-)
Colony St, Mountain View, California
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I like this
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Frances Haugen

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Knock out your lobsters/crabs with clove oil before you boil them - they'll taste better!

I really love lobster - I can still vividly remember the first time I had it when I was nine or ten years old - but the idea of listening to one thrash around in a pot of boiling water sounds like l'suck, and I feel guilty about it. 

This guy went through and methodically explored different ways of knocking out lobsters before you cook them (it makes them taste better!), and came to the conclusion that anesthetizing them with clove oil (via Whole Foods) works amazingly for lobsters and crabs. 

How to become a Seafood Anesthesiologist and Kill your 4th of July Lobster
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It is truly strange how most people confess adoration of animals and/or champion animal rights and protection against abuse.. and yet summarily disregard the horrors of corporate farms and worse!? Being a KS ranch raised child my first decade did instill love for all life yet likewise trained me to accept this whole don't you beat that damned dog!.. now pass some more of the dinner chicken please!? cultural mindset. Even as I type this I describe myself as a 'lazy vegetarian' that eats meat where too inconvenient to do otherwise.

Not judging anyone else more than me, myself, and I to be clear as mud. ;]]
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Frances Haugen

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Amazing (only) gluten free Mexican food!
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+Barbara Schepers  I'm from Argentina, born and raised, and we really don't use to eat yuca chips. In fact, we know that tuber you call yucca as "mandioca" (we call yucca to another plant, a prickly one) and only in northern states they use to eat some mandioca, not as chips, but as starch and, sometimes, purée. They make those wonderful "chipá" (or "pao de queijo" in Brazil) using mandioca starch.
They also use the starch, mixed with milk and sugar, as a replacement for cereals (this is known as tapioca )  
If you go to any restaurant in Argentina asking for yuca chips , noone will understand what you are asking for.
It's in Colombia and Venezuela where they call yuca to mandioca and they eat it fried, as chips or sticks. 
Are you sure it was in Argentina? Maybe it was a colombian/venezuelan food restaurant. 
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Frances Haugen

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TL;DR: No one shows up in the emergency room smelling of rotting flesh in Canada because they're poor.

We have a new product manager on the G+ team, and yesterday he and I had tea for the first time as part of his greater "getting to know the team" tour. I laughed so hard when he described himself as a "secret Canadian", he sounded totally U.S.of A. but apparently he's just covered in loonies and cooties and such.

For years, I always joked with people in California that I'm from "Southern Canada", because I grew up in Iowa. When I was in high school, it really did feel like we were southern Canada - we cared for the poor, the young, and the old better than almost anyone in the country - our immediate neighbors (Minnesota and Wisconsin) excluded - living up to the social contract Canada has with its citizens. We believed in dignity and we believed in each other.

I come from a line of doctors benefited by strong public education. My grandfather went to the University of California at Berkeley for both undergrad and Medical school. He went on to help found the surgery department for Kaiser. My father went to the University of California at Berkeley for his undergrad and the University of Iowa for Medical School - he's a pathologist and researcher and he's impacted your warts, thought indirectly. Personally, I'm particularly good at computers and carving poultry and I can freeze your warts off, family business after all. I am what I am because of generations of investment in Public Education. My life is owed to generations believing in the dream of social advancement for anyone willing to work.

Having been steeped in the medical establishment since I was little, I felt so ashamed to be an American when I read this article. The author rightly points out, no one shows up in the emergency room smelling of rotting flesh in Canada because they're poor. We have a medical system in American no one would intentionally design (one might say evolution instead of "intelligent design" was a foot!). We are so rich, and such a small slice of our wealth would wipe cases like this off the map. If I'm holding my breath to see what the Supreme Court will rule.
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ai que legal
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Frances Haugen

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I am a huge video of the weird little product videos zappos has, and this is the funniest one I've encountered yet. Have you stumbled across any other brillant Zappos videos? Share them in the comments!

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I like this shoes.
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