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Thanks Stephane!  
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Stéphane Corlosquet (scor)

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Quick tip regarding entering the parent issue at 12:11, you can also paste the node ID which is more unique than the issue title. In this case the issue title was unique enough but sometimes you might not be so lucky if you are trying to reference a generically named issue. I also personally find it quicker to grab the nid from the URL rather than copying the whole title.
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  "name": "What is JSON-LD? A Talk with Gregg Kellogg"

I learned something today.

Or rather I learned something at #SemTechBiz  where I got the chance to sit down with +Gregg Kellogg  and ask him about everthing I ever wanted to know about JSON-LD but was previously afraid to ask (which for me is a lot).

But wait, there’s more - commentary from +Stéphane Corlosquet  and +Phil Archer, who also took part in this discussion!

I hope JSON-LD neophytes will find the interview as useful as did this JSON-LD neophyte - and I’m sure everyone will find what Gregg, Stéphane and Phil had to say of interest.  Thanks again, gents!

#jsonld   #schemaorg   #structureddata  
My talk with Gregg Kellogg about JSON-LD, and related issues at the Semantic Technology and Business Conference 2014.
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Leaked New York Times Memo Reveals Benefit of Linked Data

The report advises that simple steps can be taken to lessen the loss of traffic to competitors: “Just adding structured data, for example, immediately increased traffic to our recipes from search engines by 52 percent.” (p. 44) 
It's an astonishing look inside the cultural change still needed in the shift to digital — even in one of the world's greatest newsrooms. Read it.
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+Sheldon Rampton explains how to build websites using and Drupal. Use the schemas definitions to build content templates for your site, and feed these schemas right back at the search engines!

Screencast: and Entity Fields Builder Blog:
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Views from the new +Acquia office in downtown Boston
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Yes, we're moving in this week!
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A G+ Hangout to talk about what JSON-LD is, why it was created, and why it might be important to you.
An Introduction to JSON-LD
Mon, February 16, 2015, 7:30 PM

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If you care about your freedoms you should understand how they are being threatened by Digital Rights Management (DRM) and attacks against general purpose computing.

I love that DrupalCon features such important keynote topics despite having nothing in particular to do with Drupal. Bravo! 
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The story ... so far

Google's +Ramanathan Guha reviews the history, growth and future of and related semantic technologies in this presentation from the recently-concluded #SemTechBiz  conference in San Jose.

Kudos to +Jean-Christophe Lavocat for asking the question about the history of on public-vocabs, to +Dan Brickley for providing the URL to the download location for the deck, and to R.V. Guha for posting it to SlideShare in such short order!

#shemaorg   #semanticweb   #google  
Talk given at SemTech 2014 (and earlier, at ISWC 2013) on the evolution of the Semantic Web and
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Live conversation with three major Drupal contributors: Lee Rowlands, Tim Plunket, and Daniel Wehner about what's going on in Drupal 8 and how you will benefit from the all the new stuff. Join us for a live Hangout on Air (you'll be able to watch it on the event page) and bring your questions.

Since we're attempting to have a live conversation between 2 people in Germany, one in San Francisco, and one in Australia, the timing may or may not be good for you. 

The good news is that there will be a video of the whole thing on YouTube for those of you unable to join in live.
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Two weeks ago at #io13   Google announced support for JSON-LD in email markup. Today at #semtechbizsf  the partner organizations collectively announced their enthusiasm for the new format. Whichever format you choose, its the schema that really matters in the end.
We'd like to take a minute to share our enthusiasm for some recent work at W3C: JSON-LD. is all about shared vocabulary - it helps integrate data across applications, Web sites and data formats. We are adding JSON-...
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owl:equivalentClass helps to use well established ontologies such as FOAF.
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