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Received an email titled, “Work From Your Couch.” “Work virtually anywhere. No experience required. Save on gas. Flexible schedule. 100% verified.” What an idea! Reality check #1 => R-e-a-l-l-y? Do I look that stupid? (Please don’t answer that, lol)

Maybe ProTect should offer this? “Paint From Your Couch!” “Paint virtually anything or anywhere. No experience needed. Save on gas. Flexible scheduling. 100% verified” (not sure what this last one means, but it sounds good). Reality check #2 => Don’t be stupid. Painting requires experience and its hard work. You don’t have to DIY. Call ProTect today and we’ll do it for you. Relax and please feel free to stay on the couch. We’ll just throw a drop cloth over you when we’re painting in that room.

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