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Hauntedia | Haunted places in United States
Discover true haunted places in United states
Discover true haunted places in United states


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A short yet heart wrenching horror tale you will ever discover.


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Passing By The Spirit - California Creepy Tale
This is my own experienced encounter during my stay at a rental condominium in California years ago. I was joining my friends to rent a condominium somewhere near Old Road, after a year we have to move out from Block A to other unit, then 3 of us decided to...

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The Poltergeist at My Dad's House - Ghost Tale
I stay at my Dad’s house every second weekend, and as of lately, those two days are always a nightmare. What makes it worse is that my Dad doesn’t believe me and my step mum never seems to notice anything, but when occasionally she has, she brushes it off a...

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Demon That Refuses to Go Away
In the last couple of months of my teenage life, it has been very difficult and tough. Suddenly losing of close friends, losing lots of money, breaking up with my girlfriend ( we both always talked about marriage with each other in the future), becoming the...

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Phantom Noises Outside the Bathroom
On the 2 nd  of January in the New Year, my oldest daughter, who is fourteen, angrily emerged from the bathroom after taking a shower. She demanded, who was shoving the bathroom door, as if desperately needing the bathroom. I was in the kitchen that has no ...

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My First Ever Encounter With A Ghoul in Washington
The headlights offered at best a dim and dingy yellow against this smothering blanket of black. Except for the sporadic and unusual lightning strikes that gave credence to the winding highway and sloping forest ahead, I drove on effectively blind. Stars had...

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The Motorcycle Crash Blessing- Out of Body Experience
After surgery to drain the gelatinized blood from my collapsed and crusty left lung I completely left my body. I was on a gurney heading back to my hospital room. I could hear the nurse’s voice asking me if I was in pain. I also heard my wife’s voice from a...

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Sensitive or Just Haunted?
I have been seeing things since a very young age, I have seen dark figures, apparitions and have heard things that no one else does. I have felt someone putting their hand on my shoulder when in fact I was the only one in the room; I believe this to be my g...

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The Headless Witch in the Haunted Hostel
A lot of hotels are claimed to be haunted one way or other. Ghost stories from hotels are usually nothing scary with some of the victims claimed they saw shadows or figures while others claimed to dream of them or heard ghost cries. Nevertheless, some ghost...

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3 Ultimate Cases of Demon Possession That Will Scare Your Soul
The phenomenon of demonic possession has persisted since the rise of modern Christianity. Sometimes passed off as mental or physical illness, the recognized traits of demonic possession include bizarre movements, changing voices, violent out bursts, speakin...
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