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Matthew Pittard
In space, nobody can breathe
In space, nobody can breathe


In relation to the most recent Down with D&D.. the new 'regions' for Adv League.

For the Moonshae Isles is there likely to be a new map? Now whilst we do have a map of sorts in the 5e era courtest of the Mike SChley high res map, it does not detail this area that much and I think it would be a great investment re Baldman Games to perhaps get Mike SChley to make one. Im sure scenario authors would get a lot of use out of it.

DwD&D#143 – NPCS

Not so much really a talk on the main topic, but some feedback on the news topic concerning the Order Domain for Clerics.

Ive finally had a good read. While the powers are different, I just dont think its a great name for the domain.

The overview of what the domain about is interesting and I can definetly see some of the Gods going with this domain (more than likely the LE ones.. because magically affecting someones view always seems just a little evil) and the Enchantment based spell abilities are great.

However as what point out , it seems to do enchantment better than the enchanter.. and I think that IS a problem. (not to mention im just not sure what spells the Cleric would get re Enchantment over the Wizard list and vice versa)

I think a better name for the domain might be Obedience. Yeah not as flashy as 'Order' but enchanting people to create order.. dosnt seem like true order at all.

Sometimes I think the writers of these are locked into using the same domain names as previous editions and so out they come again.

DwD&D#141 - Shared Worlds

Like to say how much I enjoyed Podcast 141 - Shared Worlds

One thing that was not brought up was Restrictions in the shared world experience. Ie some settings have no gods , or dont have gnomes or women are of a higher cultural value then men.

When combining to create a shared world, is it possible to do this .. or by its very nature does this impact on the other creators? If you have No Gods per se (ie Athas), does that preclude certain types of 'retrieve stolen item from temple' type quests and so forth?

For me at least restrictions help focus a setting and more importantly make it stand out. Dark sun again because a good example.. is it remember because of its post apoc setting information, or the fact that all of its gods abandoned it, or the fact it has unique classes in Defilers, Templars and Preservers? (not to mention Gladiators?

Should a newly created setting attempt to work out what it is not or simply what it is?

Avadan (sorry if spelling was off) sounds very interesting. I dont think any restrictions were mentioned, are there any?



Has anyone else had an issue listening to the latest podcast 140? Shawn Merwin is sounding like a cross between aqua man and Davros through most of the episode , until the last few minutes

great topic by the way.

are there any good examples of Tier 1 games that cover a world shaking event and high tier games that look at a local issue ?

THis is for those with great memories out there

Does anyone remember a published adventure probably 10-15 or more years ago which had the adventures fight the 'Big bad 'evil' guy' in the very first room of a dungeon complex?.

I cannot remember exactly what the creature was, I think it was a huge aberration or monstrosity. The rest of the adventure was spent either rescuing prisoners from traps that were still active and the now very angry servants of the dead BBEG.

I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the adventure/scenario... I just remember it because of the very different way it went about crafting the adventure.

I was speaking to a friend the other day about unusual adventures and remembered what I just posted.

Any help with a name would be appreciated!

The feed is back, although now I seem to have lost all my old episodes of the podcast (using Itunes) and am now only seeing 134 and 136 as available to download.

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Has there been an issue with the podcast feed of late? Ive been having an itunes error for about 4 days now., It wont seem to clear.


Hi, not sure if this has been posted about yet here , but in the main facebook group there has been a small explosion in activity in regards to factions and faction meetings/groups.

People have created new faction specific rp groups. Not sure if the same thing is happening in Google + but thought people might want to go check them out if they were not aware.

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Okay.. in all the confusion people overlooked someone. No not if Diggle survived or if Curtis survived or Evil Lyn or that.

Everyone forgot about THIS GUY who got totally knocked out for doing his job.. and is gonna wake up AND find out the Island is blowing up around him!.



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This might be controversial but this one picture sums up why Arrow will always be better than the Flash. And yes I say that completely honestly.

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