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Thank you for taking the time to share with us, Gennaro! Congratulations to your new Jeep Wrangler. The goal of the Executive Dodge and Jeep of Wallingford team is to ensure a painless and enjoyable purchasing process for each of our customers. We're happy to read that you found what you wanted in such a timely manner. Please remember that we're always here to assist you with any future auto needs. Best regards, Tom Gallant | General Manager |

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Four mistakes you don’t want to make while washing your car
your paint fading? Do your windows always have water spots? Be sure to avoid
these the next time you wash your vehicle: Using Dish-washing Soap.  
If you’re constantly struggling with soap scum, take a closer look at the product
you’re using!  Be done wi...

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4 Tips for Tidy Travel
There’s nothing quite as frustrating
as arriving at your vacation destination unprepared.  One way to combat
the stress that comes along with summer travel is to make sure your car is neat
and tidy.  This allows you to plan ahead because you have room to se...

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Executive Honda Service Specials
Don't miss out on our great service specials! Deals end 7/31/14!    

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Honda and Android Auto Integration in 2015
  Google just revealed Android Auto at it's annual developer conference. A Honda demonstration vehicle was on display featuring the in-car connectivity system. The system will debut in select models and trims in 2015.  Android Auto provides a seamless conne...

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The Smart Way to Stay Cool While Driving
using your AC for as long as possible. Crack a window. Park under that tree.
Use your sunshade. Once the heat is too much to handle, turn on your air
conditioning.   Make sure to use the
recirculation mode once it starts pumping out that...

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Top Reasons to Drive an Electric Car
no gas prices to lowering your carbon footprint, there are many benefits to
driving an electric car.   Here are the
top ones:     -Never stop for gas.   Imagine never having to fill up at the station again.   Especially as those prices soar! -Helping t...

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5 Most Popular Ways to get Embarrassed While Driving
We all make driving
mistakes, right? But sometimes those mistakes can be extremely embarrassing!   Here are the top embarrassing driving
mistakes we’ve all made.    Leaving your turn signal on - We’ve all seen
this, don’t be that person! Cutting someone off...

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Top Car maintenance apps for your smartphone
Top Car
maintenance apps for your smartphone Road Trip (iOS) is probably one of the best mileage and maintenance
tracking apps for iOS available. Tracking fill-ups and mileage is super-fast,
as is adding maintenance history, expenses, and reminders for futu...

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Pet Travel Tips for the Car
Here are some tips to
keep your pet safe on your next road trip Start healthy – Make sure your pet is not sick before
traveling.   A checkup at the vet can
prevent any discomfort on the road. Plan for restraint – Use a travel crate, pet seat belt, car
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