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Blogs at : "In The Classroom Of Life" & "Womaniya Diaries"
Blogs at : "In The Classroom Of Life" & "Womaniya Diaries"

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June Favorites 2017

Hi guys, Woohuu half a year has flown! Since the month of June is about to end, I thought of listing down a few products I really, really enjoyed using this month!

Go check them out!

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Affordable Must Have Products!

Hello Guys! Here's my list of Must Haves! Watch the YouTube video below to know what I think about them. Please LIKE, SHARE & COMMENT on the video and let me know if you have used them before! I have listed the products with their direct links~

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Book Review : The Secret Wishlist

Preeti Shenoy managed to pick one of the most ignored topic in Indian society, the suppression an indian housewife goes through, which although is quite appreciated, is also a story that is already known to everyone. A warm, heart-touching tale of a woman who tries to break free from her abusive husband and find her own calling.
Shenoy is able to create moments of laughter, surprise and above all empathy through her words, which stream effortlessly across the pages. One yearns for the love and contentment she describes, and hopes to find such friendship and unconditional acceptance in their partner.
Verdict - One time read.
Rating – 3/5

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Book Review : Chicken Soup for the Indian Bride's Soul

A new addition to the popular Chicken Soup for the Soulseries, Chicken Soup for the Indian Bride's Soul is full of delightful insights into married life and the days preceding it. The heartwarming stories of an Indian wedding, the initial meetings in an arranged marriage, the hectic wedding preparations, the traditional rites and rituals, the new fumbling relationships with the in-laws, the gradual love and understanding between husband and wife, and the start of a new life are all brought to life in this book. Their distinct Indian flavor can help every Indian woman connect with these stories effortlessly.

I love this book! I read it a few months back and I know, I would want to re-read it in the future as time goes on. It is an inexpensive, good quality, well written book you can gift to any of your near and dear relatives or girl friends who are about to get married! It's a great, insightful book for a bride-to-be, or any person in a relationship as a reminder of what's important in life and relationships.

Rating - 4/5

Read the full book review here:

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Book Review : The Other Side of the Bed

You’ll smile and then you’ll be appalled. You’ll weep and after a couple of pages, you’ll be inspired to wipe those tears off. The words will break your heart and at the same time, fill those cracks with hope and faith. I am so sure that this story is going to stay in the hearts of people. Remarkable job, Bhavya! One of the finest books, I have read so far. It has won a permanent place in my library!

I hope the further editions have a tighter proof reading though.
I would highly recommend this book for anyone who loves reading about relationships. Who would say it was his debut book?!


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Although the book has been appreciated and endorsed by who's who of the glamour industry, it book did not quite meet my expectations. Admittedly, the expectations were pretty big to begin with, but it’s not just that.

The book is in the genre of humour, and while some segments were genuinely funny, there were also bits where the jokes were cliched, and seemed forced; almost as if the book was trying too hard to be something it’s not. She is way more funnier and wittier on her social media!

It is a book to be read especially on those days when life wears you out and you need something to smile about. Nothing too complicated and yet holds you sternly to the pages with its light and good nature.
Rating – 3.5/5

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Book Review : The Dead Girlfriend

This is one of the earlier R.L. Stine books. It is an easy read, really meant for pre-teenagers who are looking for a little scare. If you take it at face value, it is a very entertaining story about a new girl who comes to town and meets a good looking guy whose last girlfriend recently died under mysterious circumstances, and perhaps she is next.

Would I recommend this book? Find out in the review:

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Early thirtysomething Emma decides it's time to have the baby - but it just doesn't happen to order. Emma goes through a funny, touching and ultimately moving journey as she struggles to accept the reality that maybe it's never going to happen. The Baby Trail is a novel rich in texture, light and dark, and humour with a biting undercurrent.

I loved this book. I laughed out loud & cried my eyes out too. I wish I could give this book to everyone suffering through infertility & to those who want to understand what a loved one who is struggling with it goes through. This book should be available in the waiting room of every fertility clinic.

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In this story the author has explained various relationship issues like – Domestic Violence, Marital Rape, societal problems (premarital sex), Indian Mentality regarding Marriage (Dowry, man’s dominance) and consequences of Divorce in a womanly way. However, Rihanna’s character is designed as an empowered and self-respecting woman and she doesn’t consider herself as a sufferer but a survivor and crusader.

This story has portrayed the relationship blues in a feminist way, projects men negatively though. It is a good read to understand sexual nuances of a woman; however fails to take care of the relationship issues in an objective way.

Rating : 3/5

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Fishbowl LIves

There is nothing groundbreaking about this post, since everyone is aware of the dark side of the glamour world…the desperate struggle that newcomers go through, the compromises they have to make and the drugs and the partying which can take its toll.

The fashion industry is choc-o-bloc with debauched people and that it is tough to get ahead without making compromises, the competition is fearsome and the going is tough.

Successful models are often sad, lonely, broken people, addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes. Godfathers are cruel, manipulative, exploitative.

Only those who maintain their honour, dignity, identity in a cruel world that spills over with grime behind the glamour manage to sail. Many fall prey to the hazards of their fishbowl lives.

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