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Varmint Cylinders for My Dear Deer Friends

Necessity is the mother of invention , it has been said. It is no truer than when applied to my gardening. Ever since I was 8 years old when I grew and harvested my own carrots, I have loved gardening. Even when I lived in a small condo in LA, I at least had patio plants. Now that I have enough space, I still have a problem with deer eating my tomatoes and peppers.
Invention 4 foot high hardware cloth cylinders secured with zip ties. Works just fine until the tomatoes get to the top of the cylinder, which they are now :-)

Have a Great day, everybody !
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Great idea, John. I understand your love for growing vegetables. When I was 6 years old (WWII era) I had a Victory Garden.
Dwarf tomatoes maybe next time? :))
I remember the story of Victory gardens, +Keith Petersen . Amazing how we can recall how old we were when we began gardening, and can't remember what we had for breakfast yesterday :-)
Good one, +Sumit Sen ! Actually they have this product, marketed under the names Deer Off and Liquid Fence that comes in a spray bottle. Active ingredients ...are you pepper juice and rotten egg. I start spraying them with the stuff once the plants outgrow the cylinders. It has a bit of a nasty odor:-)
+John Kampsen Rotten eggs should be a healthy smell.... :)) BTW, I trust the tomatoes don't pick up the smell. :DD
I saw someone did the same thing on a TV show once but they went higher :)
beautiful how you landscaped it too. I love gardening as well, just dont have the green thumb like you do.
Thank you, +Mylah Nazario . Great to see that you're able to get on-line, as least for now. Thanks for stopping by !
I need to do that, might help, have something eating all my purple heirloom tomatoes.
Home grown tomatoes, yum! Despite the extra trouble you have to go to to protect the tomatoes, it must be nice having deer showing up in the back yard?
They are my friends, +Chris Miller . Most white tailed deer in the wild have a first reaction to flee from humans. The deer in my neighborhood have a first reaction to come to me when they see that I'm outside :-)
That's just awesome! Must be a great chance to get some photos hint hint
Oh I missed both of these - thank you! Fabulous to have such nature in your backyard I must say. That's one thing I really miss living in a big city :(
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