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PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT let MJT do service work on your Toyota. Steer clear. Run away, run for the hills. I bought my Avalon at MJT and I was so durn satisfied with the service at MJT I drove 90 miles each way to get that service, at least for the first 5.5 years of ownership. During that time I visited their shop several dozen times and gave them $11,000 worth of business, so I have loads of experience from which to speak. However starting in about 2009 or so the quality of service at MJT slowly eroded. My last visit there in June, 2011 I gave MJT $2,000 worth of business and the experience was no less than absolute chaos. There were about two dozen errors - things not reassembled correctly, things not fixed, things broken that worked fine when I dropped the car, a warranty claim not honored, a $100 invoice error that I had to discover myself. CLICK ON MY NAME TO READ MY FULL REVIEW !!! After the Great Recession, MJT laid-off, understaffed, inadequate raises that have caused good people to move on, orders issued to cut back on customer goodwill expenses, those sorts of things. Here’s one of those June, 2011 errors. After I left the dealership, every time I got in or out of the car it would beep 10 times. Never had THAT problem before. They broke it. My service writer/advisor suggested I change out the remote battery. Ridiculous, but I did it just to exclude it as the cause. Then the writer stopped responding to calls and messages sent to his cell phone. He never even suggested that I return to the dealership to have it looked at. Now doesn’t that sound like incompetent service to you? Another Toyota dealership had to diagnose it and repair it. Here’s another of those June, 2011 errors. MJT painted my rear bumper and I discovered they didn’t even finish bolting it back onto the car. The bottom bumper flaps were just hanging down loose, flapping in the breeze. I had to go buy the bolts at another dealership and have an independent service shop install them. Anyone with a brain would describe THAT as incompetent, right? It took WEEKS of my time to get all these errors resolved. Weeks. MJT has a lot of nerve constantly reposting a rebuttal that implies my dissatisfaction with that caliber of work means that “I’m just hard to please.” (After I added the preceding sentence, they finally stopped reposting.) Eventually I wrote a seven page letter describing the dozens of errors and events in full detail. And I sent a copy to Mark Jacobson’s home, that being a million-dollar mansion in Chapel Hill. I never heard anything back about that, so that proves that HE doesn’t give a d@mn about how his joint runs either (as long as HIS Benjamins keep rollin' in). I’ve uploaded the letter so you can read it and see why you don’t want these clowns working on YOUR Toyota. You can download that letter from ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TinyURL~~~dot~~~com~~~slash~~~MJTerrors~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PS: My initial negative review was first posted here the first week of January, 2012. On the 13th of January, MJT discovered it, they called me to ask me to delete it, they posted the aforementioned rebuttal … and also four NEW reviews, all 5-star, appeared out of the blue. Before that MJT, in business at least 12 years, had only accumulated a total of 59 reviews on this website. And among those 59 reviews there were 21 ONE-STAR reviews. Then, between January 13th 2012 and April 1st 2012, no less than ONE HUNDRED & FIFTEEN five-star reviews were posted for MJT. During that time, MJT was apparently begging every customer to do a happy Google review immediately after the sale or service - in order to bury the earlier bad reviews. And some of those customers they begged STILL posted bad reviews! Then in June, 2012 - somehow - a ton of the reviews disappeared and/or got reshuffled (between multiple Google listings such as MJT, MJT of Durham, MJ Suzuki & just MJ.) MJT--What a bunch of con artists!!
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Rip-off “make-work” shop. Scams customers into high $ work. If these guys rip you off, file a "quality of service" chargeback with your credit card company and they will get your money back for you. No one else is going to help you - not the store manager, the Mr. Tire home office or the BBB. When it was Colony Tire it was totally fine. This is a entirely different chain and most all of the Colony people are long gone. The goal of a Mr. Tire shop is apparently to sell customers high-dollar work whether they need it or not. Customers are viewed as no more than suckers to be played like violins. My complaint was loud whirring sound under LEFT front wheel well. The diagnosis was “bad wheel bearing.” I returned to find a wheel bearing had been replaced under the RIGHT front wheel well. $437.90. I was told the problem was fixed, but of course it was not. Later I found out that another shop where I went about this problem had actually ALREADY checked the wheel bearings just days prior -- and they were found to be in perfect working order. I suppose they put the bearing on the right-hand side, hoping I would be stupid enough to come back saying I still had a problem - and would let them replace the left wheel bearing as well. Later the problem was correctly diagnosed -- somewhere else -- as “defective new tire.” The diagnosis was simple enough. The tire was removed and a new tire was mounted on the same wheel. Sound gone, problem solved. I went back to try to work it out with the Mr. Tire manager, who bluntly told me no refunds, no partial credits against merchandise, nothing, nada, too bad. Hey, OK, you can have a free oil change, dude. Yeah, like I would ever let THESE guys touch my car again -- and give them a chance to muck it up and create more billable work. Googling readily reveals that complaining customers get zero satisfaction from the Mr. Tire home office. I had to waste more of my time heavily documenting a credit card ‘quality of service’ chargeback against Mr. Tire to get my money back. I just pray Mr. Tire didn’t screw something ELSE up inside the car while they had it -- in the hope that I would bring it back to them so they could make even more money. A friend of mine also recently used this Mr. Tire shop when his car suddenly shut down, having been a happy & loyal customer of Colony Tire. Three days later they had it running at a cost of $700. They replaced the timing belt and the fuel pump. He had replaced the timing belt only 20,000 miles earlier. TIming belts typically hold for 100k miles or so. We now suspect the true problem to have been a failed crankshaft sensor, that being a 30 minute job and a $50 part. Asking around town - and Googling for reviews of this store – resulted in me hearing at least six other similar complaints about gouging and high-dollar diagnoses. And the joint has only been operating as Mr. Tire for like six months. Google “Mr. Tire complaint” and you’ll discover a starkly consistent pattern of this type of behavior at many locations of the Mr. Tire stores all across the nation -- also doing business as ‘Monro Muffler/Brake,’ ‘Tread Quarters Discount Tire’ & and ‘AutoTire Car Care.’ There are hundreds upon hundreds of web-posted complaints, many of which describe customers arriving with minor work/problems who were subsequently mis-directed into high-dollar repair tickets … that they later found to be pretty questionable and/or performed incorrectly in nature. Mr. Tire apparently grows by buying up existing smaller auto repair chains with established customer base - then turns those shops into giant ATM machines via endlessly diagnosing high-dollar work. Make no mistake, THAT’s the business Mr. Tire is in -- not the actual auto repair business. It’s basically legalized robbery - and they are apparently pretty good at staying just inside the letter of the law to keep the scam going. Avoid them as if they were a cancer. Which they are. Happy Motoring !!!!
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This place has never been the same since Adam's family sold it out about a decade ago. After that, it was sloppy mass production using constantly-rotating underpaid kids. And it still is. Several times over the post-Adam's-family-years they damaged my vehicle. Once someone rubbed the screen on my custom-installed radio so hard they broke it. I didn't say anything, but I paid $175 to have it repaired. After that I only used Adam's occasionally. The only person that cared about good work here during that time was the manager Jim. But Jim couldn't be everywhere all the time. When he passed away, I swore the place off completely. In the last few months however I went back on my better judgement and used them a few times. Now I am sorry again. This month, either the wash machinery or a kid busted the side view mirror. Unfortunately, there's no aftermarket mirror available for my car, so that's going to cost me about $500 at the dealership. Go somewhere else. You've been warned. UPDATE 2016-04-07: Kick me. I was in a hurry and I went back. They broke something ELSE off the car. A piece of plastic forming the wheel well trim. I could see it hanging down while sitting on the bench in front of the finishing lane. This time it only cost $36 to replace the part. My guess is that the owners are too cheap to replace the dangling washing cloths as needed ... so that they are frayed enough that they snag firmly onto parts of the car ... and then jerk and break whatever they are snagged on as the car continues down the washing tunnel.
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Permanently closed, September, 2015.
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This gas station is NOT recommended. While traveling, I stopped there to fill up with non-ethanol fuel. The station does offer it, at a separate island/pump. The non-ethanol island/pump does not offer pay-at-the-pump. You must pay inside. I was not allowed to leave my BP credit card inside, then fill up, then come in and pay. That's AOK. But inside, I was required to specify the amount of gas I wanted to purchase in advance, then pre-pay it with the credit card prior to pumping. No other BP station has ever required this of me; this store policy is simply being excessively cautious in order to avoid getting stuck with a drive-off. The likelihood of that, given I had given them a valid BP card in hand, is virtually zero. Further, when I used my card, the POS terminal (inside the store) asked if I wanted to employ my BP Rewards to reduce the price of the gas. Foolishly, I said yes. But since the island/pump does not electronically communicate with the BP system, I did NOT get the price reduction at the pump. So I "gave up" my BP Rewards reduction ($0.16/gal) for nothing. Accordingly, this gas station appears to be very customer-unfriendly and I recommend filling up elsewhere.
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Copy of correspondence to District Manager sent 2012-09-08 .... I am writing you today to commend the team members of the Precision Tune store 055-11 in Greenville, North Carolina. I have been a customer of this store for about two years now; I estimate I have been invoiced there about 17 times, totaling $1600 or so. I have been completely and absolutely satisfied with every service experience and outcome I’ve had at this store. A good bit of the work I have brought into this shop has been more custom in nature than routine and no one there has hesitated to take on such work – and they have delivered correct and excellent work in every visit. And that also includes diagnosing & completing repairs that were NOT diagnosed & completed successfully at the dealership. In fact, I no longer patronize my dealership, as I did faithfully for over five years, but rather I now bring all my work to this store. And I’ve brought a friend or two to this store for work as well. Over these past two years, I’ve come to know several of the employees on a first name basis, including managers Ken & Tom, as well as former manager Joe. I have also been lucky enough to experience many times the solid and successful craftsmanship of your technician Jason who, due to his superlative work & knowledge, has earned the nickname “Mister Miyagi” among his peers. I am a well-educated professional middle-aged man who readily recognizes outstanding product & customer-oriented service when he sees it. In fact I am a university business-school professor who lectures extensively on the very topic of quality management. And I've not seen anything BUT outstanding product & customer-oriented service since I started patronizing this store. All of the above named individuals are not only technically knowledgeable but excellent at customer-interfacing as well. They are all worthy assets to your corporation who should be strongly valued, appreciated and retained under any circumstance! UPDATE [2016-02-03]: Almost all of the management and technicians have turned over since I wrote the initial review. Technician turnover had been very high. Accordingly, several months ago, I followed one of their "star" mechanics to the shop where he now works. While that shop was closed for the Christmas 2015 holiday, I used this Precision Lube twice. One visit for minor service proceeded quickly, without error and at a good price. The other visit was to mount two of the tires (one was the spare) upon new rims. Afterwards, the vehicle rode rough. I took it to my new shop when it reopened. The tire/rim-in-service had not been balanced at all ... and the rim's centering ring had not be reinstalled (or returned). Further, in the trunk, all the items such as the jack, the cardboard divider, the carpeting, etc., were just tossed inside in a pile, not properly reinstalled. Accordingly, it appears that the shop's focus on quality has given way to "efficiency/productivity/speed" and cost (eg, hiring less-expensive technicians.) If I can't entrust their "green" technicians to know to balance a tire when mounting it, I don't think I can entrust them to execute an oil change either. So I've knocked down my 5/5 star rating to 3/5 stars.
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Outstanding service, large, upscale decor. I had this venue in my GPS to check out for nail/spa services in Raleigh and finally checked it out this week. I was very impressed and this will be my Raleigh go-to going forward. Services and service providers were fawning. Wine was offered. Prices were quite reasonable as well, $51 for an hour long pedi with extensive quality reflexology. Apparently for a small fee there is a private area for pedi services available. This place had a ton of customers being serviced, which testifies to the quality of work. Three customers commented to me that they had been a regular customer for years. One for 13 years. Yet with all this traffic, I had nearly zero wait. Location is on Capital Blvd southbound about a mile south of the 540 exit; across the street from BestBuy. Check it out!
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