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Rip-off “make-work” shop. Scams customers into high$ work. When it was Colony Tire it was totally fine. This is a entirely different chain and most all of the Colony people are long gone. The goal of a Mr. Tire shop is apparently to sell customers high-dollar work whether they need it or not. Customers are viewed as no more than suckers to be played like violins. My complaint was loud whirring sound under LEFT front wheel well. The diagnosis was “bad wheel bearing.” I returned to find a wheel bearing had been replaced under the RIGHT front wheel well. $437.90. I was told the problem was fixed, but of course it was not. Later I found out that another shop where I went about this problem had actually ALREADY checked the wheel bearings just days prior -- and they were found to be in perfect working order. I suppose they put the bearing on the right-hand side, hoping I would be stupid enough to come back saying I still had a problem - and would let them replace the left wheel bearing as well. Later the problem was correctly diagnosed -- somewhere else -- as “defective new tire.” The diagnosis was simple enough. The tire was removed and a new tire was mounted on the same wheel. Sound gone, problem solved. I went back to try to work it out with the Mr. Tire manager, who bluntly told me no refunds, no partial credits against merchandise, nothing, nada, too bad. Hey, OK, you can have a free oil change, dude. Yeah, like I would ever let THESE guys touch my car again -- and give them a chance to muck it up and create more billable work. Googling readily reveals that complaining customers get zero satisfaction from the Mr. Tire home office. I had to waste more of my time heavily documenting a credit card ‘quality of service’ chargeback against Mr. Tire to get my money back. I just pray Mr. Tire didn’t screw something ELSE up inside the car while they had it -- in the hope that I would bring it back to them so they could make even more money. A friend of mine also recently used this Mr. Tire shop when his car suddenly shut down, having been a happy & loyal customer of Colony Tire. Three days later they had it running at a cost of $700. They replaced the timing belt and the fuel pump. He had replaced the timing belt only 20,000 miles earlier. TIming belts typically hold for 100k miles or so. We now suspect the true problem to have been a failed crankshaft sensor, that being a 30 minute job and a $50 part. Asking around town - and Googling for reviews of this store – resulted in me hearing at least six other similar complaints about gouging and high-dollar diagnoses. And the joint has only been operating as Mr. Tire for like six months. Google “Mr. Tire complaint” and you’ll discover a starkly consistent pattern of this type of behavior at many locations of the Mr. Tire stores all across the nation -- also doing business as ‘Monro Muffler/Brake,’ ‘Tread Quarters Discount Tire’ & and ‘AutoTire Car Care.’ There are hundreds upon hundreds of web-posted complaints, many of which describe customers arriving with minor work/problems who were subsequently mis-directed into high-dollar repair tickets … that they later found to be pretty questionable and/or performed incorrectly in nature. Mr. Tire apparently grows by buying up existing smaller auto repair chains with established customer base - then turns those shops into giant ATM machines via endlessly diagnosing high-dollar work. Make no mistake, THAT’s the business Mr. Tire is in -- not the actual auto repair business. It’s basically legalized robbery - and they are apparently pretty good at staying just inside the letter of the law to keep the scam going. Avoid them as if they were a cancer. Which they are. Happy Motoring !
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I am using Mr. Kim Son's mother-of-pearl (MoP) collar stays. I am pretty OCD and I spent a lot of time looking for "the perfect collar stay" ... and I think I've found it in Mr. Kim Son's product. I did find some pretty high priced stays - made of titanium, sterling silver, whatever - but it doesn't make much sense to pay $75/pr for an item so easily and often lost (forgetting to remove them before a trip to the laundry ... and turning my collar up to adjust my tie&collar during the day ... seem to be the most frequent sources of loss). And it also doesn't make sense to pay so much since they are not worn as "conspicuous consumption," so to speak. I can't remember ALL the collar stay options I lived through and/or investigated--again, I've looked at plenty--but so far, these Kim Son MoP stays seem to be the best choice I've discovered. Mr. KimSon's stays have a elegant look, but at the price I'm not terribly concerned if they get lost and/or broken. I've slipped one out of my collar to show around; they look impressive and look to be more expensive than they actually are. Even more so after I mentioned they were custom cut to my measure by a talented craftsman in Vietnam. Mr. Kim Son's work is absolutely precise in appearance. I was initially afraid they would not be sturdy enough, prone to breaking, but so far that's not been the case. Mr. Kim Son is manufacturing these stays thick enough to be sturdy enough. My sense of it is that you could break these stays between your fingers in the same way you can position a pencil in your hands and snap IT in half with a lot of pressure. But so far, in everyday usage, not one of these stays has broken. Mr. Kim Son will manufacture to the exact size and shape you request, so you get exactly what you pay for. I do have a WEE bit of variance in the lengths of my collar stays pockets, and I am able to accommodate that fact by ordering from Mr. Kim Son. I am always open to "environmental scanning," informed recommendations and such but, as of this writing, I can't imagine a more rational choice for upscale quality collar stays than the product that Mr. Kim Son is currently offering. NB: Mr. Kim Son makes these by hand, to order, so do plan for a 4-6 week turnaround, as described at the website. Happy motoring !!
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JFK's T5 is a ghetto of incompetence. Don't be a victim; steer clear. During my first (and last) flight on JetBlue, I discovered that the high-quality customer service days under former JetBlue CEO David Neeleman are long gone. Inbound toward my final destination, I spent 12 hours inside JetBlue's JFK Terminal 5 (T5, for short) on Sunday, March 11, 2012. The JetBlue T5 staffing was consistently lazy and incompetent in almost every interaction I had with them. T5 was once touted by Popular Mechanics as a new high-watermark in efficiency and operations. Ok, T5 is spacious and it has lots of window glass. So does a 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood. But that doesn't mean it runs well. In the final analysis, the terminal is not going to operate any better than the quality of the people who staff it. And JetBlue has piled on a ton of lazy and incompetent workers at T5. Everywhere I looked I saw an excess of JetBlue staff lounging around and talking, sitting down to eat snacks, whatever. Meanwhile they apparently either cannot do - or are unwilling to do - the jobs they're actually getting paid to do. I landed at T5 about 5am and I was scheduled to leave at 5pm. I asked to go standby on JetBlue's 9am flight. (It was full and so I did have to wait for the 5pm flight.) The JetBlue information desk guy who put me on standby screwed something up and so my 5pm boarding pass wouldn't work. The JetBlue gate agent boarded the entire plane then tried to straighten out my boarding pass (and the boarding pass issues of three other people behind me). He began to talk about me not being allowed on the flight. "Huh, why would you let my seat fly empty and also make me stay here another day, when you can just straighten out your clerical paper error after the plane and I are gone?" He had to call someone to help him. They clicked away on the computer while the plane was sitting, ready to leave. When I turned and started fussing to other customers about the matter, they suddenly decided to print out some kind of dummy boarding pass they could scan in. Had I not fussed, I might have missed work on Monday. I actually used the JetBlue information desks a number of times during my stay at T5. Almost every single time, the response was lazy and/or stupid. It was nothing more than a bunch of JetBlue employees trying to sluff-off their work. I stopped several times to inquire about the status of my checked luggage. (If it had left on the 9am, I didn't want it spinning around on a carousel for hours at my destination, tempting thieves. I wanted to make sure the bag had been properly corralled and secured by JetBlue luggage staff at my destination.) I was told twice it had NOT left on the 9am, they could see that on the screen. In fact, it WAS retagged to leave on the 9am flight and it DID leave on the 9am flight. (Luckily, a COMPETENT JetBlue employee, Melissa, at my destination had tended to my bag properly.) And to add salt to that wound, the JetBlue luggage handlers at T5 broke the telescoping handle on my Briggs & Riley 24-incher. I've never had a luggage failure on any of my B&R pieces until this. Now I'll have to pay - and waste my time - shipping it off for repair. Thanks, JetBlue. A well-formed inquiry about another situation at the JetBlue info desk resulted in "Huh? What's your question?" Just like those stupid fast-food clerks that make you repeat your order a second time because they were too lazy to listen the first time you spoke. I just walked away. I also had the misfortune of having a personal item lost while at T5 (Actually it was most likely stolen when I turned my head momentarily to observe a crazy woman setting off the alarms on locked gate doors demanding to board a plane. Welcome to New York). Accordingly, I inquired at the JetBlue desk a number of times with a couple of simple enough questions: "Where is the Lost and Found?" and "Will you call the Lost & Found to see if they have my item?" Here are some of the work avoiding answers I got from JetBlue T5 employees. Why won't my next words stay here?
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[Copy of correspondence to District Manager sent 2012-09-08] I am writing you today to commend the team members of the Precision Tune store 055-11 in Greenville, North Carolina. I have been a customer of this store for about two years now; I estimate I have been invoiced there about 17 times, totaling $1600 or so. I have been completely and absolutely satisfied with every service experience and outcome I’ve had at this store. A good bit of the work I have brought into this shop has been more custom in nature than routine and no one there has hesitated to take on such work – and they have delivered correct and excellent work in every visit. And that also includes diagnosing & completing repairs that were NOT diagnosed & completed successfully at the dealership. In fact, I no longer patronize my dealership, as I did faithfully for over five years, but rather I now bring all my work to this store. And I’ve brought a friend or two to this store for work as well. Over these past two years, I’ve come to know several of the employees on a first name basis, including managers Ken & Tom, as well as former manager Joe. I have also been lucky enough to experience many times the solid and successful craftsmanship of your technician Jason who, due to his superlative work & knowledge, has earned the nickname “Mister Miyagi” among his peers. I am a well-educated professional middle-aged man who readily recognizes outstanding product & customer-oriented service when he sees it. In fact I am a university business-school professor who lectures extensively on the very topic of quality management. And I've not seen anything BUT outstanding product & customer-oriented service since I started patronizing this store. All of the above named individuals are not only technically knowledgeable but excellent at customer-interfacing as well. They are all worthy assets to your corporation who should be strongly valued, appreciated and retained under any circumstance.
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