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What Is The Future Of Google+? Putting the power back in the hands of the users: That's What!
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Great Advice Here On Local Business Winners, Whiners, Losers and What Generated Sales in 2014!
+Chris Brewer just carved two training videos out of his members site and is offering to show you what were Winners and what were Whinners for his clients in 2014. No pitch, no aff link, just great stuff! Pretty darn insightful stuff from a big player in IM.
DCS Local 2015 Success Tips
DCS Local 2015 Success Tips
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The Hangouts team is staying up late and getting ready for some fun news coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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While Knowledge Graph Buttons Are Not New In Wiki Entries, How +Bill Hartzer Did This IS VERY NEW!
You Can Now Add Alerts For People To Google Now From The Google Knowledge Graph More at >>>

  #GoogleNow   #KnowledgeGraph   
Google Now Alerts In Google Knowledge Graph
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My Take On Polls Day One

The Good:

They are easy to use, they do use images which gets you noticed and gives you visual cues so on mobile you don't have to read the fine print on your phone.

And to review / see the results, just select "View results" under the dropdown where you find Ripples and the like.

Pages can create them, and you can create polls in communities.

They can also be shared easily.

The entire poll shows up in the your followers notifications, so if your follower has you in a circle they get notified about, then the entire poll shows in the alert dropdown. That is good.

The Bad

Unfortunately that is just about everything else

1) You can't share to circles.
2) You can't share into communities.
3) You can't embed them on your blog.
4) Polls are always 100% public.

( 1 ) You can't share to circles Probably the worst thing about G+ Polls. This means they always have to be public, there are no "private polls" and you can't push a poll to your circles and you can't segregate a poll to a certain demographic or interest group.

You can't ask a circle a unique question, you can't poll a small group of friends on say, "Where do you want to meet for happy hour..." What is especially disappointing about that, is that all that functionality was available in Google Wave in 2009.

Bottom line, always public polls kill most of the reason for having polls on a social site.

( 2 ) You can't share them into a community The poll below was designed to get traffic and notice to my +TOM - Dreams Of Horror page as I am getting ready to release a new version of the horror novella that page supports. I had planned to share that page into walking dead communities but no such luck.

( 2+ ) But you CAN create polls in communities and then share it out publicly. A good thing for community owners, and for G+ users that may not have a big following and want to get traction on their poll.

( 3 ) You can't embed a poll on your blog This is a biggie and a real deal breaker for me. I find that people are far more apt to share my blog posts than they are to re-share my G+ posts. And that is probably a unique demographic to my following.

But as an email list owner, I HATE emailing into social sites. In fact it is the #1 most stupid thing to do as an email list owner.

However here I am today, having to blog on my G+ page to wrap a poll and a blog post in one. Just plain real bad news for email list owners.

4) Polls are ALWAYS public That is just plain ridiculous and it has gotta go for polls to be useful for marketers, and especially for normal people.

I can understand that not allowing polls to be pushed to circles is a great way to keep spam down on a day one release.

If you remember the early days of Google Events and the disaster that your Google Calendar became when everyone spammed you with events there...

Bottom Line?

Yes it is the very first day for polls and Google is very famous for building out features within features. Building out very slowly, but they do build out over time.

Google did acquire #Polar  to create this functionality and originally that startup did provide big data on the backend to the polls and as time goes by, we may see better reporting like impressions, engagement reports, drill down reports showing branches in poll results from shares.

Also we need new section for personal profiles and biz pages that shows us the results of our polls all in one place, not scattered across our profiles that we have to look through perhaps hundreds of posts to find later.

What Would I Like To See First In Polls Functionality?

When a new person follows me, I would love to be able to display a poll to ask them, their interests, or why they followed me, or maybe how the found me in the first place?

Would that not be an awesome feature for someone like +Mike Elgan that currently tells us he gets 2500 new followers a day?

One of the #1 tenants to a lead form, be it an email opt in, a lead sign up form or a log in to a blog to provide customization or higher functionality, hitting the lead at that point is key since first engagement has a higher conversion rate and that is proven fact from testing in recent years.

Only time will tell when it comes to Polls, and Google is famous for promising features that take years to appear (analytics for pages that were promised in 2011 and did not appear until 2013 anyone?) and so we wait patiently, and see.

But I want way more that what we have today and I believe anyone else in business will want the same. Gee, should I make a poll about that? Probably not, but you are welcome to tell me in the comments below...  
Who Would You Be If You Could Be A Walking Dead Season 5 Character? I took the official Walking Dead personality test and it told be I would be Glenn? Seriously? Glenn?
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Rick Grimes
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Daryl Dixon
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Poll option image
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New Google+ Polls Rolling Out Today Here are the exact instructions...
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Google Acquires Polar For Google Plus Redesign With An Eye On Mobile
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