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Days 1-5  - 

Day One:
This is working in the middle of a story that I haven't really finished outlining. I'm also acutely aware of the silliness in starting this challenge in the middle of university March Madness, but there it is.

And that was the moment I decided some lessons were better taught with fists rather than words. After all, once I'd laid out Vincent the rest stopped calling me Princess.

Leaning against the porcelain sink, I shook out my hand again. I was more surprised than in pain after all Tomson had taught me well. The reality of it began to sink in. I had ran away from home. I lived in a seedy tavern and got in bar fights. They were right to call me Princess for all that I hated the nickname.

I rinsed my face and stared at my reflection for several moments. I didn't look different. Perhaps slightly more disheveled, but otherwise not so much. But I felt different

I felt good. Snorting, I thought: freedom agrees with me. The bitter sarcasm was short lived as memories of all the people I missed floated back. Swallowing hard, I pushed Aimey and Nathan from my mind, returning to the bar.

A heavy hand clapped me on the back knocking air from my lungs in a surprised oof!

"Well done, kid," Morton said.

There was many people raising their glasses to me. Vincent wasn't well-liked, so it wasn't too surprising. I had achieved a new level of acceptance. They ordered drinks for me and I sipped on them politely—I hadn't had a taste for the sweet wines Father imported to the Compound, the strong ales weren't much of an approvement.

Despite my modest drinking I was still becoming quite intoxicated. The giddy warm feeling was pushed higher and higher by all the positive attention I was recieving.

A part of my mind argued agaisnt such attention. I really didn't enjoy being the focus of so many eyes. The part of my brain being operated by alcohol was quite happy to shut down my usual inhibitions.

I was no longer worrying about how others viewed me. Drawing their attention and courting good opinions was easy. Does everyone feel mangnetic when they drink?

The door slammed open as we all laughed at a joke someone--whose name I didn't know--made. The tallest man I'd ever seen stooped through the door and everyone went silent.

One of the servers rushed forward to take his cloak. People parted from his path as he moved towards the bar. Some bowed their heads respectfully while others simply looked stricken and fled.

I still hadn't seen this stranger's face.

"Zander," I asked, leaning towards one of the main mercenaries of the {Lost Bunny}. "Who is that man?"

Some of the most powerful outlaws in the twelve nations frequented this bar. I'd never seen a reaction like this.

As the stranger got closer I could sense the power rolling off of him. I then realized how much I must've drank for this much power to go unnoticed.

It felt familiar too. The strangest sense assured me that I knew this man.

He finally made it to the bar greeting some of my companions stiffly.

My drunken brain registered the massive sword on his back and it clicked. A memory that had haunted me for three years raced through my mind. I felt my pulse quicken and I wanted to run. The moment he laid his eyes on me I froze, red eyes glued me to my seat.

Primal instincts of survival warred against a growing sense of security: an irrational sense.

His eyes narrowed, all sense of safety evaporated. I felt like a bunny staring into the jaws of a wolf.

So I did what all good, little bunnies do- without thinking, I smashed my bar stool into his face and ran.

I was pretty sure my left hook wasn't going to fix this problem.

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Lrae Zolts

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The most amazing sleep in the history of life occurred right there 
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So beautiful wow
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Lrae Zolts

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Fun fun fun!
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Lrae Zolts

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Hey everyone, I'm starting to fall behind with my updates, but keep an eye our. How did you spend V-Day?
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Lrae Zolts

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Check me out at

No, I don't actually know how to make those links!
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Hey look, it linkaged itself! Yay!
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