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Marxism and geography

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Solidarity rises up to greet the caravan in Mexico
Afsaneh Moradian , Bea Abbott , Héctor A. Rivera and Brian Napoletano report from Mexico and the U.S. on the progress of the migrant caravan through Mexico — and on the inspiring displays of solidarity at every stop that set an example for activists in the ...

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The founding of Science for the People-Mexico
I recently had the honor of helping to translate the declaration announcing the founding of Science for the People-Mexico, which was just published today in Socialist Worker . Two key issues that the Mexico branch of SftP formed around are concerns regardin...

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Half-Earth: A biodiversity ‘solution’ that solves nothing
Variants of the half-Earth biodiversity conservation initiative, recently popularized by E.O. Wilson, have increasingly been gaining acceptance among conservationists. While the boldness of their proposal is commendable, placing half the Earth in protected ...

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Wow, Google adds nice music and everything!

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Playing with Mom's shades while wearing Dad's shirt:
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Mexico’s students today and the spirit of ’68
Together with Héctor Agredano Rivera, I translated an analysis by Edgard Sánchez Ramírez of the Partido Revolucionario de Trabajadores on the student mobilizations that emerged in response to a recent incident on the UNAM campus in Mexico City that was just...

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The crisis of the Mexican regime and the 2018 elections
A statement of the Partido Revolucionario de Trabajadores (Revolutionary Workers' Party) on the Mexican elections of 1 July 2018 that I translated into English together with Héctor Agredano River and Fernando Estañol Tecuatl  was just published by MRonline ...

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Ecological Marxism vs. environmental neo-Malthusianism
Despite being consistently discredited, overpopulation ideology
resurfaces with the same predictable regularity as capitalist crises.
Only Marxism offers a clear and viable alternative. A short piece I wrote for Climate & Capitalism on the age-old debate ...

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Has (even Marxist) political ecology really transcended the metabolic rift?
A brief article advocating for stronger engagement with the concept of metabolic rift in political ecology that I authored together with several colleagues was just published in Geoforum . In this article, we address several of the criticisms of metabolic-r...
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