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Jane Langan
Muddling along, blogging, creating my online shop selling beautiful, natural handmade things
Muddling along, blogging, creating my online shop selling beautiful, natural handmade things

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9 more reasons why I am SO Grumpy - the driving edition
I haven't blogged since January. Sorry about and stuff, getting in the way, but I am always composing a blog in my head about something or other, so expect more, much sooner next time. The blog that has pushed itself forward, however, is this on...

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A Broken Promise
Have you ever made someone a promise. A promise you swear you won't break. I did. But now I have broken my promise. I feel terrible, I know I have actually done the right thing in my head, but my heart ...well my heart is a little bit broken. I promised my ...

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Christmas Thoughts..Part 1
I have been getting ready for Christmas. We put our tree up this weekend and today I spent all afternoon writing my Christmas Cards. I added little personal notes to people and gave it all my care and attention, which is why I am saddened when I hear people...

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Stand Up to Cancer
On Friday Channel 4 do their yearly Stand up to Cancer event. It is hugely worthwhile and I urge you all to watch it and donate . It will make you laugh (dowload the Crystal Maze if you missed it), but it will also make you cry. Last night I watched 24 hour...

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18 Cakes & 18 Birthdays
I grew up in a world where you make do and mend, everything was home made, vegetables were grown in the garden and you had chickens for eggs and a cat to stop the mice because of the chickens. I am not THAT old but my Mum was set in her ways and in all hone...

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I left my job recently, my big important managerial well paid job.  I had no other job lined up, but it just wasn't for me any more. I have worked full time, all my working life; when my babies were babies, when I was diagnosed with Leukaemia, when my Mum d...

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Cat Person or Mad Cat Lady?
Firstly, apologies..I have been absent for the last month, this is due to a combination of school holiday's, my head is in a funny place and general world upside downy-ness. I will talk about all that another day, however, because today I want to talk about...

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Face Sweats - Or how can I avoid the Menopause?
I have reached a 'certain age', my body its getting all geared up to having the menopause. I have face sweats - it is perhaps one of the most horrible disgusting things.There are great droplets of face sweat, my glasses steam up, I can't see. I do not glow,...

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How do you explain terrorism to your kids?
Every morning, I watch the BBC news and eat my breakfast with my girls. They don't particularly want to watch the news so this encourages them to get ready for school and get going. Which is good. Every so often a news story grabs them and they are drawn in...

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Table for One
I recently went to a restaurant alone. I did this by choice, I wanted some 'me' time. It was interesting, I walked into the restaurant and the waiter looked behind me for my friends/family. When I said I wanted a table for one he seemed genuinely shocked. A...
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