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Good Morning from Toronto. My business MynahCommunications provides on online solutions for small business whether SEO or SEM. It makes for interesting work mainly because I use different tools depending on the business. Linkedin is becoming more important and more useful for my customer base. My blog tries to address the online issues concerning small business such as explaining how Google Ad Words works in 1200 words. (I'm efficient if nothing else). To celebrate the end of 2012, I'm also taking my Google Engage Certification. But that's another story. Looking forward to being part of the discussion. 
Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business
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+Heather Robertson Welcome to the group. I also have a background in SEO/SEM. My Google AdWord certification just expired. Not sure if I'm going to retake the test again. Are you helping small businesses with their LinkedIn company profiles and personal profiles?
+Michael Delgado Thanks for the welcome. Google Ad Words, the certification expires? Well that's annoying. I went to a 2-day seminar in Toronto and it was quite funny - they were teaching GAdWords analytics using the old GAnalytics interface. I was stunned actually since the interface is a year old.  

As for LinkedIn - yes I have two company pages. Both in marine industry, one for a yacht brokerage and one for a boat manufacturer. I'm using them quite differently. It's still exploratory and I'm learning as I go.  I think Linkedin is important not just for the social side but for search as well. 
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