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Everyone listen to this wonderful man's voice. He deserves the world, the least yall could do is give him a thumbs up and some feedback. :)
You have such a beautiful voice Mar...I love it <3

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Post has attachment I'm sorry, but what the fuck Obama. I feel bad for this Marine...he should be doing somthing so much greater than holding a freakin' umbrella for Obama, I don't care if he's the president or not, he should do it himself. #fuckyou  

#wtf   #obamafail   #obamasucks  

Wow my birthday's tomorrow....O.o shit i feel old!

Smh fuck my life  #fml   #birthday  

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True shit

Please join +Funniest on the Web . It's my new page!

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whos going to do it

Ugh new G+ what the hell...they've gone mad!
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