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As we face forward to 2017, let us all, as Social Conservatives, remember - there is a time when war is just.

Please remember - Friday, August 19th is the celebration of the King's Birthday. The King asks that if you observe the holiday, you do it with your family.

The core concept of modern Democracy is the Liberal ideology, specifically the Liberal conceit that,
'The main or only legitimate purpose of government and society is individual liberty and equality.'
The modern dichotomy between the so-called 'left' and 'right' are whether the main focus should be on liberty (Classical Liberals) or on equality (Social Liberals, or Progressives).
But Liberalism in inherently incoherent, as is obviously seen when you examine what political governance truly is. In the simplest of terms, political governance is 'the adjudication of differences by the exercise of power', i.e., resolving disputes by limiting liberty via the use of inherent inequalities.
Modern concepts of Democracy are inherently Liberal and, thus, inherently incoherent.
Democracy further suffers from additional problems; the belief that large numbers of people who literally cannot be informed to the level of making a rational choice can and make rational choices in a complex system; where the Sorites Paradox demonstrates the choices are morally remote from the actions; and where Arrow's Impossibility Theorem shows that the choices cannot be rational.
In short, it is a fraud.

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The official Edanian web page is on the new host and will be continually updated for the weeks to come!

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The five Princes Royal in a casual moment on Palm Sunday.
The Crown Prince is speaking with Lady Miriam.

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On the Feast of St. Joseph Prince Samuel was Confirmed. Please join the Kingdom in wishing him well!

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A quote taken from an ongoing discussion of Democracy in general and American Democracy in particular-
"One of the interesting functions of the Supreme Court in the American system is that it gives conservatives a strange attractor for hope and blame: a political sink to absorb their resentments, hopes, and fears while keeping them shy of repudiating the liberal democratic political metaphysic. The SC keeps everyone on the reservation: part of the problem with populism is that sometimes people decide that liberalism isn’t what they want, and will start violating the Bill of Rights and the principles of the Declaration willy-nilly if someone doesn’t keep the electorate in line. So social conservatives end up simultaneously excoriating the SC and hoping to gain control of it, so that their truly authentic vision of freedom and equal rights can be achieved.

Meanwhile even when most of the judges are appointed by conservatives, those judges inevitably find (shocking, I know) that liberal principles imply substantively liberal outcomes for disputes in law."

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Can Americans morally vote?

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